Are You Ready for the Storm!?


What If?!

What if you know you going to have to fight or survive some storm?

What if you knew that there was an inescapable chance that you and your loved ones will face a big storm?!

Would you prepare?

...Or would you just ignore all of the warning signs and hope for the best?

Are you the kind of person who digs their well before they are thirsty?

...Or do you wait until dehydration sets in and hope that someone takes pity on you and gives (or sells) you some water?

Tin Foil Hat or Ostridge?! 

It's difficult finding balance between being overly paranoid (just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that they're not out to get you... Hahaha =) or someone who sticks their head in the sand.

With our overwhelmed, just in time, reactionary society, this can be difficult.

So, YOU have to be able to self regulate and find people who have a healthy perspective and level head. 

Cultivate being calm in the face of a storm...

AND develop the capacity to Live Joyfully!

Yep, I said it, Live Joyfully!

You should forge yourself into a savage, who has a big heart and Lives Life Large and (I'll say it again) Joyfully!

Life is too short NOT to!

Learn to let go of the small stuff and make no mistake most of it IS small stuff!

Like Dr. Humphrey said...

Whenever you return home everyone is glad you're there.

It's a better Life!

This Doesn't Happen By Itself...

Being prepared mentally, physically or otherwise DOESN'T happen on it's own.

You have to put in the reps!

Make no mistake, if you are training right, you'll use this every - single - day!

No, hopefully you won't have to be physically kicking butt's and taking names all the time, however, your training should help you to navigate a multitude of conflicts that occur inside and around you on a daily basis.

Most of this is an inside game! But, it's one that needs tending!

I said it a couple emails ago...

It's better to be a Warrior who gardens, than a gardener caught in a war!

...And there is ALWAYS some war. 

How can you be the eye of the storm?!

Calm in the chaos!?

It all begins with you!

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