It's All In Transition


Sunday we had a great seminar at the local Krav Academy. We worked on firearm and knife defenses. 

To be honest, we didn't work a ton of techniques...

As a matter of fact we worked on one pistol disarm for two solid hours?!

I Know What You're Thinking...

How in Sam Hill do you work on one simple technique for two solid hours?!

We broke down and drilled all the different transitions that made up the technique and drilled each piece of the full move. 

We "thin sliced" every aspect of the entire maneuver to dial in the transitions (of course we recorded it. It'll be available to Premium PeaceWalker Members.

After you get a command of the basic technique, the magic is really in the transitions...

How you 'frame' the situation. 

Where you stand.

How you place your body.

Where and when you move.

How you blend in with your adversary and the tactical space. 

How smooth and fluid you are.

Much of your success (or failure) is in your ability to manage those blimey transitions!

That's Not All!

Those pistol disarms aren't the only things that rely on transitions...

So is your Life!

We are always in some type of transition, so if you are not learning how to smooth them out and navigate them well, it's going to be a rough ride at the least! 

A lot of conflict comes from people who don't know how to manage their own Life's transitions. 

We Have a Transition Going On Right NOW...

There's a transition going on RIGHT NOW! Our society is in a big transition between old and new norms largely fueled by technology! 

The past few years have been some precarious times and I believe we have more coming down the pipe. 

Not all bad mind you, but if you get caught in the gap so to speak, you'll not just get left behind, you're likely to get squished. 

It's a good time to be a ninja and learn how to deal with trends and transitions yourself! 

This training can really help you... And I'm not just talking about learning Krav Maga (although that's part of it!). These PeaceWalker Skills are critical for people now-a-days. 

Speaking Of...

Get your hands on my Free Home Study Course: One Simple Defense -

Keep going,


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