Learning to Cut to the Chase


Learn to Cut to the Chase

This is a lost art now-a-days.

Yes, of course, sometimes you have to ‘play the game’ so to speak.

You know, like a several course, fancy dinner, you have to know what utensil to use. The salad fork, the fork for the main meal, the big & little spoons, the tiny ones too!

There’s a lot to it sometimes.

Other times you’re going through the drive through window of a fast food restaurant using a spork or simply your fingers.

Know what I’m talking about right?!

There’s a time to go through all of the paces, jump through the hoops, and there’s a time to…

Cut to the Chase!

This is true with conflict and most any other interaction we have when working with people.

Sometimes it’s best to skirt around things other times get right to the point.

It can be difficult to cut to the chase in a productive way.

This takes courage and a fair amount of tact to do it well.

It also take practice. Lots and lots of practice!

If you tend to be ‘gun shy’ this may be very difficult to you.

If you are ‘gung ho’ you may be used to cutting to the chase. However, don’t rule out taking the long way around a discussion either, because sometimes that is best.

Also, learning how to dial in your ‘chase cutting’ to make sure you aren’t being to abrupt, aggressive, cold or awkward (you know, just blurting things out) is necessary to be effective as well.

In a Nut Shell

It’s time for you to be better prepared to handle the conflict and violence that’s out there in the world today…

It’s time to be better prepared for the conflict that happens Inside of YOU!


Do you really have months or years to discover how to effectively do this?

Most don’t.

People want to Cut to the Chase and get what they need fast. I get it! This is why I developed my free home study course, "One Simple Defense." Check it out here: https://www.peacewalker.org/

Keep going,



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