The fall of Atlantis, the rise of tourism!

Well, I have been here in Santorini for a little less than a couple days now. I met some more Aussies last night. We got to talking and ended up playing a bunch of card games till about 10pm or so. The two young ladies were from just out side of Sydney and just out of high school (wow) they are both very nice and travelling w/each other for about 8 months. They have no plans and enough money to get them by for about three months until they have to start working to keep thier travels going. Many of these young people I have met seem quite a bit more mature than us in the states (especially their own age...probably mine too!).

I aquired two new Canadian room mates who both thought I was also Canadian due to my "accent." I would love to say I was shocked by this, but I have gotten that comment too many times in the past and pretty much everytime here in Greece to be anything but pleasently! (ha ha)

These two young ladies (yes more of them) are early twenties and just graduated college to be teachers and are travelling together for a while before looking for jobs. I think they are out and about for 3 months or so.

Rauel is also my new bunk mate. He is from Spain. We talked for quite a while and will probably grab a couple beers later tonight before crashing. He is 28 and works as a electrician. He is going back to University (as they call it) to become an electric engineer. ...and he "is in love" with this Aussie that he met on the bus from the port to his hostel... :)

I went on a tour of the island today, but I will have to get back with y'all on that later, this internet cafe' is about to kick my 'merican ass out!



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