Here in Athens, Greece wandering in the footsteps of Socrates

Shed-oh-teh (Hello in Greek),

Yesterday I went to the Acropolis and about a dozen other sites, it was really cool! I think I started at about 9am and wasn't back until 8 pm. I took so many pics with my camera I burned through 2 batteries and a disposable camera. Still there were more pics to take. I Walked around all day and was exhausted by the time I got back. It is very hot here, I mean damn! Many places don't have air, so you just sweat, and sweat, and sweat some more. My room the first night didn't have air (I guess that is extra), but I paid another 2 euro to get it for yesterday. Had I known that I would have paid and had air the first night too, I thought was broken, but by the time I got in I just said screw it and took care of it the next day. It has been very interesting here so far. I have met some pretty cool people from all around the world (US, Canada, Australia [a lot of many I don't know who's minding their country!], Russia, Germany, and Greece of course). Most folks are pretty friendly. As for the language so far it hasn't been a huge problem, we'll see how it continues. ...oh and talk about getting lost. I think I have out did myself. I am so lost here I barely know which end is up, even with a map. :) As usual, it all works out though. :)

Tonight is my first night in the dorms here. We'll see how that works out... I already don't like part of the deal, which is you leave your back pack in the "luggage room." Yes boys and girls a room with no lock that everyone and their Grecian brother have access to. I don't like that at all, so I am trying to figure away around that. I can see ALL of my stuff getting ripped off :(

I am happy to say they have Jack and Coke here in Greece. My first night stay I ended up hanging out til the wee hours with a few folks from Australia, Canada and New York... It was fun.

Many people here are surprised to see an American travel especially alone. Most have been saying that American travellers are few and far between. Interesting opinion I have been getting from most about being an American and what their thoughts are of us... I suppose we all need to travel more to break the stereo-type.

I am charging my camera batteries and then I am going to the National Archaeological Museum.

I hope to up load some pics soon!

Carpe' Diem~



  1. WAAAYYY COOOLL!!!!!! Sounds like a great adventure. Keep taking pics and break the American stereotypes. We're not all jacka$$es. :)

    Keep us posted and keep having fun!!!



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