Thong vs. Flip Flops

Which is what?! In some places thongs are a slang word for a simple light sandel that is worn on your feet, in other languages it indicates something that would be warn on other area's of your body that if left exposed to the sun too long may make your life a bit uncomfortble for a while. I think I am the only person here in Greece who brought the wrong type (you be the judge on which one!! HA HA).

Things are going well here in the land of olives and ouzo! I haven't time to write alot due to numerous internet starved 20-somethings leering at me with cigerettes between their lips and beers in their hands (Really... I'm not joking).

I went to the National Archaeological Museum today (increadable!). So much cool history and seeing things that until now I have only seen in books is simply amazing!

I have had some really interesting conversations with some English blokes last night (among many others). Nice guys. I have been asked more political questions about our election from people from other countries than I have ever heard from folks here in theUS. Many are truly interested in what is going on and how it can effect our future (and the worlds). Most Americans I know don't know much about our own political happenings let alone that of another country.

I changed some of my plans and I am off to Delphi tomorrow before taking a boat down to the Island of Santorini.

I have met some really cool people so far I done a fair share of hanging out with people from all over the world so far. I hope this continues.

The dorm life has been ok so far. There is a young couple that is staying in my dorm that just had their wallet with all of their credit cards and alot of their money swiped about an hour ago. THAT SUCKS!! She was crying and pretty upset. I guess they were at an internet cafe' (not this one) and she left her wallet out and BANG some one went off with it. Moral: keep your money, passport and credit cards in a money belt on you. Don't leave stuff out to be knicked (shit I'm starting to talk like some of these English / Aussies I have been running into). I keep my stuff on me all the time; money belt etc. I'm not saying that it is impossible for me to get stung, but I am a bit paranoid. Speaking of which I did find a way that is a little better regarding my pack in un attended territory... More on that stuff later. I should let the next person on the computer before I get deported!



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