The 3 Golden Rules To STOP Getting Crapped On By People

Have you ever felt that people crap all over you?  Hopefully not, but if you do, here are the 3 Golden Rules to cure OPC Syndrome (Other Peoples Crap):

#1 Stand Up For Yourself! 

Quit being a doormat. Learn to say "NO." Communicate clear, fair, consistent boundaries. Expect to be treated with respect. Standing up for yourself can also mean knowing when to just leave a bad situation!

Don't play the victim. It's one thing being victimized, it's another thing all together playing the victim! It seems to be a popular way to "gain power" today (If that's how you want to look at it). Don't agree?! That's ok, just give it some thought.

#2 Don't Be An A**hole!

Yep, that's right, standing up for yourself doesn't mean being a jerk or making demands that are unreasonable or so one sided that you're really being no better than the person who was doing the crapping in the first place!

Strive for Most Good / Least Harm for everyone involved!

Be firm, fair, and nice. The strongest, toughest most dangerous Bad Mofo's I know are also the nicest, humblest people I know! Be so tough you can afford to be kind and courteous!

#3 Remember That WE Teach People How To Treat Us! 

If you consitantly don't like how you're being treated by others, at some point you have to look at yourself! Ask yourself, "How am I teaching people to treat me like this?" What am I doing to train others that it is ok to treat me with disrespect and/or to take advantage of me?

It's what you say (and what you don't say). How you act (and how you don't). How you treat others (and how you treat yourself). How you hold yourself. Your body language. Your expectations. Your tone. Your energy. The habits that you've developed, some that you might not even be aware of, that are creating your current experience.

Remember that old EF Hutton commercial where the announcer says, "When EF Hutton talks, people listen." You see some old guy in a suit go into a room and immediately all the people look over expectantly or put their hand up to cup their ears to listen. Cheezy I know, but it is a fine example of how we program people how to treat us. This happens in subtle and not so subtle ways that aren't just verbal.

How are you training people to treat you!?

Keep going,


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