Attack: Meeting the Situation Head On!

It was a good few days. I was invited to a friend (Buyu and fellow protector, Tony N.) wedding out in Philly. It was an honor to be invited to be a part of their special day. So, I packed up my car and headed out to Pennsylvania.

I have a few friends who have trained w/me who live out in PA, so I figured I'd visit one (Jim B.) who lives half way from here to Philly.

He and his wife are renowned artists and have a cool place up in the mountains. They were gracious hosts.

Jim took me to a artist retreat center he teaches and then we went hiking around Ohiopyle State Park, followed by some well deserved beers!

The next day I drove the other 4 1/2 hours to Philly for Tony's wedding.

Which, BTW was OFF THE HOOK!

It was held at Bryn Athyn Cathedral and was probably the most beautifully elaborate wedding I've ever been to in my life! Like in the movies! It was crazy!!

I spent the day and part of the evening with friends and their family and then back on the road to 

Oh, I have to mention, the drive was GORGEOUS! Going through the mountains of PA when the trees are changing color is something you have to see sometime in your life! SPECTACULAR!
Yes, the Protectors Life can be a good one if that what YOU CREATE.
ACTION - Meeting the Threat Head On!

So far when talking about ways to deal with a Terrorist or 'Lone Wolf' Threat, we've introduced this idea of:


We've talked about all of these strategies except ATTACK.

When and why would we CHOOSE to Attack in a situation like this?

Simply, to do one of two things:


Protect Others

Lets NOT over complicate things. The whole idea of this process is to save lives (including your own) in the face of extreme danger.

ATTACKING the situation or in this case the attacker head on, is ANOTHER option to be used IF the situation warrants it and the timing and opportunity are present.

So, the WHY and WHEN of using this strategy is:

To Save Life

Only as a LAST Resort

The opportunity presented itself should be a last resort!

...but you need to know when to implement this aggressive approach!

All the best,



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