Training w/a Busy Schedule

Training at Caliber 3 Counter Terorism & Security Academy
Efrat, Israel

Well, I'm back from Israel, Thanksgiving is over, and I'm sitting here in my favorite coffee house writing to you. 

(Actually I'm writing you for the second time. My first 45 minutes attempt got wiped out aaaaggghhhh! and now I'm starting again!)

I want to share a common question that I received from a student who trains here with me locally at our Martial Arts Academy. 
Don't worry though, it's not a martial arts question. It's a question that you can benefit from whether or not you train in martial arts.

The question is how do you keep training when your life doesn't seem to allow you the luxury of time? 

Family responsibilities. Career pressure. Maintaining a healthy relationship. Having friends and a personal life. Keeping your sanity. All of these things weigh in on your time... Resulting in you feeling that you can't train in these PeaceWalker skills.

Time to Train The PeaceWalker Lifestyle...

I totally get the problem of finding time to train. And to add fuel to the fire, how do you manage when life changes coming up, like career responsibilities and increased family obligations?

Training for Life is difficult... 

My First Suggestion Is...

Develop your practice so that it extends beyond training in a class.

For me, this path, this training has contributed so much to my success in life that I see it much more than just conflict management, self defense or working out. It's a way of life for me, so I've learned to carve out time for it, because of the importance I've placed on it for my bigger picture.

Most of my instructors have not been local, so I had to (and still do) go to train with them as much as I can. Then I take that knowledge home and train it on my own, until the next time I can go back to train with them. 

It Doesn't Have to Be Difficult...

That's one of the reasons for developing the PeaceWalker Membership Site. So that people will have access to tools, and community, so that they can train whenever & where ever life allows.
Here are a few more suggestions for keeping your training connected to your life:

1) Keep training on your own - Dedicate sometime every day or week to training PeaceWalker Skills.

2) Find a training partner who you can get together with to train... Someone you gel with. Arrange time to get together with them as much as you both can.

3) Sign up for the new PeaceWalker on-line membership site when it's available (in a couple weeks). 

-Tons of Training Videos Updated Regularly. 

- Access to the entire Online PeaceWalker Conflict Communication Home Study Course. 

- Weekly MasterClasses and case studies w/guest instructors that show you how real people from all walks of life are using the PeaceWalker approach to live safer, more successful lives.

- Leadership, Conflict Management & Self Defense for the Real World! All at your fingertips whenever you have time to learn!

- The site was designed for someone just like you. Someone w/a busy life who wants to continue to stay connected to this PeaceWalker LifeStyle! 

- Membership is less than $1/per day! No risk, cancel anytime. 

4) Come to our LIVE Protectors Conference Coming in 2018!

5) Come to one of our LIVE monthly tactical seminars in Michigan.

                            If you're local to Grand Rapids:

6) Come down and watch one of our regular Krav Maga classes. If you like it...

7) Register for an upcoming Krav Intro Session and then...

8) Go to as many classes as you can...

But regardless of what you do...

Keep Going...

The goofy smile I get after a good day of training at
Caliber 3 Counter Terror & Security Academy in 
Efrat, Israel

November 27h


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