What We Can Learn From Olympic Athletes

It Takes a Tribe...

Thinking about the Olympics reminds me of training. 

How many hours have those athletes trained to compete in that One Event? 

How many other activities support the One that they are competing in?

How many other people do they have on their support staff to help them dial in their One Thing?

~ Sport coaches for their main activity.
~ Nutritionists for diet and supplements.
~ Doctors for injury recovery.
~ Strength trainers.
~ Flexibility coaches (yoga, pilates, etc.)
~ Psychologists 
~ Tutors (for those still in school)
~ Massage therapists
~ Chiropractors
~ Managers
~ Sponsors
~ Backers
~ etc.

Whose On YOUR TEAM?!

Just like that Olympic Athlete isn't going to their competition alone, YOU SHOULDN'T BE EITHER!!

Get Your Dream Team Together!

Whoever you are, whatever you do, you should put together your 'Dream Team,' 'MasterMind Group' or 'Support Structure.'

...Whatever you want to call it... 

Basically this is about assembling a group of people and activities that help you to create more success in your Life and Career. 

No person is an island and everyone's 'One Thing' is made up of a bunch of smaller things. If you get better at the smaller things, your One Thing will also improve! 

What team do you need to be successful in YOUR Life?

Take a minute right now to grab a piece of paper and write down a list of people and activities that will make you more successful in your career!

If you're in business, some of your Success Team Members might be:

~ Someone (or a group of someones) you know and respect who owns their own company you can shoot the breeze with about business and living the life of a business owner...
~ Business Coach or Mentor
~ Marketing Coach
~ Accountant
~ Bookkeeper
~ Lawyer
~ Banker
~ IT Professional
~ Networking (that person or people you know who's really connected)
~ Ad Agency or Person
~ HR Professional
~ Counselor
~ Insurance Agent
~ Speech Coach (if you publicly speak)
~ Life Coach
~ Personal Trainer (regarding YOU and your employees)

...What else might YOU suggest??

If you're a cop it might look something like this:

~ A Fellow and/or Senior Officer that you respect and can go grab a beer with who can give you some insights on things that you struggle with!
~ Lawyer
~ Counselor
~ Medical Professional: EMT, Trauma Nurse, etc.
~ Someone in corrections
~ Probation / Parole Officer
~ Shooting instructor
~ Sales guy/gal (why?! Because you're always persuading someone into something and having someone who makes a living by persuading people can be beneficial)
~ Personal Trainer (strength, conditioning)
~ Yoga instructor (flexibility, mindfulness, relaxation)
~ Martial Arts / Defensive Tactics Instructor (One that's appropriate for you and your profession)
~ Nutritionist 
~ Massage Therapist 
~ Chiropractor 
~ Medical Doctor
~ Driving (Tricks to defensive / offensive driving!)
~ Communication Coach

...What else might YOU suggest??

In each of the above professions I listed a bunch of people and things that have to do with each profession as well as the individual. 

Break down what you do into components and find people and activities that will help motivate and support your success in each of those things...

Click the link below and share your own "Success Team" List on our fb group:

How Does This Relate to PeaceWalker?!

Great question...

No matter who you are, or what you do...

~ Customer Service Representitve
~ Teacher
~ Police Officer
~ Factory Worker
~ Counselor
~ Engineer
~ Sales Person
~ Mechanic
~ Minister, Pastor or Priest
~ Manager
~ Correctional Officer
~ Business Owner
~ Nurse
~ Doctor
~ Construction Worker
~ Contractor
~ Parent... (Especially you parents!)
~ Etc Etc
~ You Name It! 

ONE THING is Consistent...

We all have to deal with people! And with people comes CONFLICT. 
...But, also opportunities, but only if you know how to deal with things well!

Your Biggest Challenge...

Who do you have in your corner when it comes to dealing with your 
#1 Challenge You Face Every Day?!
...I'm talking about How to Deal w/People!!

...We Can Be a Part of your Success Team! 

If you're looking to train to better deal with the Spectrum of Human Conflict, then consider joining us on www.peacewalker.net, where you can join a community of people who are training to be More Vulnerable by Better Managing the Risks to Become Better Protectors in their Life and Career!

Keep Going,


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