Vulnerable vs. Flawless

Last night at the Academy we talked about striving to be Flawless vs. Vulnerable. It's a counter-intuitive perspective. 


Because I am saying that to be a protector, a warrior, a PeaceWalker, you train not to be flawless, but rather to be...



Yes, you read that right, I said Vulnerable. 

In order to be a Better Protector; to be More Successful; to Live a Better Life, you have to be more Vulnerable rather than Flawless.

If you strive to be flawless, you will ultimately fail. 

Not only Fail in your pursuit, but probably also fail to continue to grow and fail to protect the right things.  

Most people begin with the right intent, but it often goes astray if we don't filter that intent through the Universal Life Value. So if you train in the wrong way, with the wrong perspective you begin to drift further from that value and although the intent was based on the right thing, you get off track.

If you are going to live a good Life; if you are going to be a protector, a PeaceWalker, you have to be More Vulnerable! 


You have to know how to Manage Your Risk!

Let's use a Firefighter as an example...

A firefighter goes running into a burning building to drag someone out before they die... 

Does that action make that firefighter more or less Vulnerable?!

More vulnerable right!?


That firefighter has trained to know how to Manage their Risk! 

...They have the right ethic, strategy, tactics, techniques and equipment to reduce the risk of getting themselves killed too as they go in to rescue the person stuck in that building.

They don't strive to be Flawless... They strive to Better Manage their Vulnerability. 

The better they get, the better they can manage their vulnerabilities. 

Because of their training they can discern the risks that can save lives. Rather than attempting to be flawless in their pursuits, they put themselves at risk... but they do so in a calculated way with 'eyes wide open' so to speak.

More Vulnerability = Better Protector

Being a protector means you are going to be more vulnerable, so you have to not only know the risks, but also have the skill and courage to understand how to manage that risk, so you don't just frivolously put yourself (and others) in greater jeopardy. 

Look at one of my favorite examples...

The Lifeguard:

They have to not only be strong swimmers, but also know how to read weather conditions (storms, rip currents, etc), communicate clearly, manage and lead people, administer first aid and CPR, operate watercraft, swim and tread water while holding someone, etc, etc.

A lot of things are necessary that have little or nothing to do w/swimming!

Does jumping in to the water to help someone who is drowning, making you more or less vulnerable?

You would be less vulnerable on the shore.

But a good Lifeguard trains to manage their vulnerability so they can put themselves into a More Vulnerable position to Protect Someone's Life.

Being a Protector is Not About Flawlessness... It's about Vulnerability! 

Learn How to Manage Your Largest Risk...

Our Largest Risks is also our Largest Assets...

What is it?

Other People...

So you'll need to...

Get the RIGHT perspective...

Get the RIGHT training.

Learn to Protect Yourself: Physically, Emotionally and Verbally!

If you're looking to train to better deal with the Spectrum of Human Conflict, then consider joining us on, where you can join a community of people who are training to be More Vulnerable by Better Managing the Risks to Become Better Protectors in their Life and Career!

All the best,


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