How Learning to Fight Can Make You Less Violent

I'm sitting here at (yes, you guessed it...) one of my favorite coffee houses. Listening to the Secret Life o Walter Mitty Soundtrack. It's a little meloncoly, but I like it. 

It's fun watching all of the people come and go... All of the business and not so business conversations... Interesting hearing bits of this conversation and parts of that one... Reminds me of my bartending days, minus the drunks (thankfully!).

Another good pre-test training at Ronin Krav Maga Academy. People really working hard for their big day, a week from Saturday! It.ll be here before you know it!

Speaking of Krav Maga and Personal Defense...

I just got finished editing, uploading and formatting the over 2 hours of video footage of this past weekends SuperKrav Sunday Seminar on! 

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What does the video cover??

Only Answers to the 40 Most Common Assaults and 'Street Attacks.' We also talk about: 

~ The Protector Mindset 
~ PTSD & Burnout
~ Cost of Dehumanization
~ Tactical Movement 
~ Tools & Targets
~ Using Improvised Weapons
~ And a Whole Bunch More!

How Learning to Fight Helps You To Be 
LESS Violent!

The physical preparation that is involved in learning martial arts or any type of physical tactical training is only one facet of a broader and deeper subject. I often say that physical defensive tactics are the alpha and omega of conflict management. In other words, the beginning and end.
The beginning, meaning that conflict resides within each of us and physical training can help us to manage that battle while keeping us healthy psychologically, emotionally and physically. The end; because physical defense should be a last resort, used only after all other options have been exhausted.
You see, conflict is in each of us. If we don’t address our own inner battles, we will have an increasingly difficult time managing the conflicts outside of us. Further, our inner battles will create external conflict. We can both attract it as well as create it from seemingly nowhere. I don’t know anyone who is a mess on the inside, yet deals exceptionally well with their external conflicts. Often times these people are the ones who create the conflict in the first place, only they don’t realize it. It’s simple really, the better we manage the conflict within us; the more effective we will be able to manage conflict outside of us.

Alpha: The Beginning

When taught with the right ethic, learning the physical aspects of defense creates a strong foundation of confidence and stability for effective conflict management on all of the other levels. It is important to feel safe at a foundational level; if you do, then dealing with conflict on other levels can become clearer and more easily navigated.
The more confidence we have (not to be confused with arrogance or aggressiveness) the more accurately we can discern a true threat from a bluff, a joke or a shadow of our own insecurities. Not to mention, when it comes to training in the martial arts or (any sort of) physical tactical training; working out releases endorphins which calm our mind and emotions helping us to keep our emotions under control and be the eye of the storm so to speak.

Omega: The End
As a last resort, if all other methods of conflict management are ineffective, then having physical management skills are not only useful but essential to protect yourself and others. As a matter of fact, the more effective the tactical defensive skills are, the better the odds at being able to subdue an attacker with less force and violence. Remember, we don’t train to be thugs; we train so we don’t have to be. The ethic is to protect life, all life if we can. Try to find the space where everyone can be safe. By space I don’t just mean the physical space, I am talking about emotional, psychological and even verbal space as well as the physical space to be safe.
So what now? We talked about physical tactics as being the beginning and end; the alpha and omega, but we didn’t really talk about how. The answer is simple but not necessarily easy: Training. Find a qualified teacher such and train. Continue to clarify, activate and sustain your conflict management skills.
Here are four things that you can do right now to start your path:
(1) See conflict as an opportunity. 
(2) Embrace the Universal Life Value - All life is to be protected & respected.
(3) Work toward most good, least harm for everyone.
(4) Lead from the front through inspiration not intimidation

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Now go out there and spread some Sunshine... We need it! 

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