One Mind Any Weapon

It's hard to believe that it is February already! Where did January go? ,

I'm happy to be busy! 2018 is off to an incredible start!  Thanks for being a part of it!!! I hope your year is off to a great start as well!?

Now for another Big REVEAL....

I'm sick of the cold!!!!!! 

I don't know about you, but I can't wait for Spring! 

Yea, yea, 'cry me a (frozen) river Gray' you're thinking...

(I'll quit whining now...)

Ok, let's get to it...

One Mind Any Weapon

There is a lot of talk about gun laws now-a-days. Some say we need more regulations and restrictions. Others believe we need to have more freedom to be armed...

Yes, these are important subjects!

However, we're not going down that rabbit hole! 

(Sorry or You're Welcome... depending on your perspective...)

On my last (Almost) Daily email, I said our focus will be about carrying a firearm for protection (I know, I know not a very popular subject for many right now...) , however I want to clarify that (more than) a bit...

Ethic > Strategy > Tactic > Technique > Technology

Yes, this idea of utilizing a pistol for protection is EXACTLY the topic we are talking about in this weeks MasterClass w/Tactical Shooting Instructor Colby Taylor on 

And, yes, it IS the First Installment to our NEW Concealed Carry / Defensive Shooting Module! We're just starting to lay down the groundwork!

So, if you are currently carrying a concealed pistol for protection (or considering it), this module was made SPECIFICALLY for YOU! 

Members have instant access NOW!  Click HERE!

Non-members can get FREE 7 Day Trial Access HERE!

BUT... Regardless If You Have (or Agree w/) Guns or Not...

Remember that "You ARE the Weapon. Sometimes You're Armed." That statement is what Colby said in his MasterClass. It sounds a lot like the USMC MCMAP Slogan:

One Mind Any Weapon

This idea, once embraced is very powerful. It also helps to clarify things on both end of the spectrum, meaning...

This perspective can be used to...

Help or hurt. 
Protect or Violate. 
Save or to Kill.

Which brings us to...

The Ethic of What You Are Protecting...

This is where we MUST start when we begin to discuss and train Defensive Tactics...

Unfortunately, everyone wants to start with techniques or technology (in this case guns).

Too many people think that one technique or tool is going to solve all of their problems and make them safe!

Most people don't know Strategy or Tactics... 

They don't know what they are... Let alone how important they are...

And when it comes to ETHICS...

Most are quickly lost in the sauce once any real stress hits...

The ETHIC is quickly forgotten in the haze of fear and lack of clarity about what you're trying to protect and/or in the wake of some new technique or piece of technology.

When you're goal is to Protect Human Life, it's not a time to Cut Corners!

...But that's what I see people (and organizations) doing!

They cut corners on perspective.

They cut corners in training.

They cut corners on understanding. 

They cut corners on things they don't even understand they're cutting corners on... 

To their own detriment (and the detriment of others)!   

Don't be one of those people!
Don't run one of those organizations or departments!

The Easy Answer vs. The Right Answer!

There are Easy Answers and then there are Right Answers:

Q: I want to protect myself... to feel safe.
Easy Answer (EA): I'll buy a gun.
Right Answer (RA): Whoa, hard charger... Hold on a minute... Take a breath, step back and get some good training that will include: 

(1) Ethics
(2) How to stay cool under pressure
(3) Communication Skills
(4) Leadership Strategies
(5) Physical Defensive Tactics (unarmed and armed).

Don't invest in the wrong things...

It's easier and faster to just go out and buy all of the cool tac-gear. To read the articles, watch the videos. Heck, even taking a class or two. 

But does that solve your problem? 


If you're carrying a gun for self defense. The first thing to realize is that dealing with human conflict isn't a gun problem. 

Now that isn't to say that a gun isn't a useful TOOL if the situation calls for it. 

A butter knife is a great tool for buttering bread, but have you ever tried loosening a flat head screw w/it? 

Sometimes you can get it to work, but it's usually messy and it often damages the screw. 

Other times, it destroys the screw altogether,  making it impossible for it to be turned. 

A gun is much the same...

It's works smooth as butter if used for the right thing...

Otherwise, it can just as well 'screw' things up... Royally!

It has less to do with the Gun and more to do with...


Don't get 'Screwed'... 

Get the RIGHT training.

Get the RIGHT perspective...

Train your best 'tool' - Your best 'Weapon'...


Then get the right tool and the best training for that tool! 

If you're looking to train Your Largest Asset in leadership, conflict management and defensive tactics, consider joining us on, where you will have access to training and community resources that aren't available anywhere else.

All the best,



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