5 Quick Tips To Health & Diet During the Holidays

It can be difficult getting everything done this time of year...

It can be even MORE difficult to keep your training and diet in check amidst all of your social events and hustle bustle of the holiday season...

It is VERY EASY to get derailed in more than one way!

As a matter of fact, I'm feeling a bit derailed myself lately!

Healthy Holiday Checklist:

Here's a quick "Healthy Holiday Checklist" of doable things to keep you from getting totally derailed w/your training and diet during the holiday season...

Maybe make those New Years Resolutions a little closer to reach?! =)

Anyway, here are the Fab 5 Healthy Holiday Suggestions:

1) Move early. Start your day off on a good note with 20-30 minutes of some exercise. Even a short run or walk is perfect. You’ll feel better mentally and physically. And don’t put off until later because if you’re like me, it won’t happen. Maybe it’s time to work in that 5-10-15-20 workout routine I go over on peacewalker.net?!
2) Don’t skip meals to try to “save your calories” for a big meal or an upcoming party. Don’t try to starve yourself because the more you slow down and eat throughout the day, the more you can slow down and enjoy your dinner and not overeat.
3) Drink water. Start your day with 12 ounces of warm lemon water rather than coffee or nothing at all.
4) Eat to feel nourished, not to feel stuffed. The food will always be there, so you don’t have to eat it as if it’s never going to be there again. Eat, live, and think every day of the holiday season as if you are already at your goal weight. This is NOT a time to restrict or diet. REPEAT: This is not a time to curb your eating.

5) Eat more veggies & lean protein. It's easy to 'over carb' this time of the year, so try to fill yourself up w/more veggies and (lean) proteins when you're at that holiday buffet line!

See you next year! 


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