Resistance Training

What comes to mind when most people think of "Resistance Training?"

Well, most, think of weight training.

Weight training is one way we use resistance to tear down our muscles so that when they heal they develop into bigger stronger muscles!

In Krav Maga we train ourselves for a different type of resistance. This resistance is more dynamic involving physical, mental, emotional and social 
elements that are 'torn down' to be built on, developed and strengthened.

The same goes for our training in dealing with other forms of resistance. Like verbal conflict.

Learning how to deal with all of these forms of resistance is important for living a Protectors Life.


It's not just in that you "Learn" about it. It's also that you Condition yourself for it!

You can "learn" about swimming, but you'll have to actually swim in order to get better at it!

You can "learn" about working out, but you actually have to work out to get and stay in shape.

The same holds true about being a protector...

You can read a bunch of blogs about it. Watch a million youtube videos on it. Listen to all the podcasts in the world, but without training for it, you won't develop the same level of skill as you will actually applying your training.

Life Will Provide An Opportunity

Don't worry...

When it comes to THIS type of resistance...

If you don't seek out the training, it will seek you out...

It's called Life!

So, in order to be really good at protecting yourself (and others) you have to be well rounded.

The Resistance Training I'm talking here is called LIFE! That training will come in handy... Sometimes when you least expect or want it!

But, Keep Going & you'll make it through!

All the best,

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