It's NOT a Game for Us!

When It's Not a Game...

If you want your training to be sustainable for the long haul of your Life...

It's difficult finding balance between smart, serious, yet lighthearted training.

Serious enough to get the job done; lighthearted enough not wreck your body, brain or heart.  You want it to be enjoyable enough so that you'll want to do it on a regular basis. So it's part of your routine... Part of your LIFE!

When you are training to prepare yourself for the situations you're likely to run into today... your approach has to be well rounded, so you can deal with everything from verbal disputes to physical violence.

Kind of Like Church? What?!

Yeah... Many people go to church 1x per week, but wouldn't say that church is a "HOBBY' right?

Well the same w/Protector training!

You may only go to your Krav Maga training a few times per week, but it's not a hobby... Not a game...

Yes, you go to broaden and deepen your knowledge...

But the main reason to go is to make sure you are "Dialed In", connected and calibrated as a protector so you can go out and tackle the world!

Keep your fire stoked & burning bright!

So, we can't afford to 'play' around and get hurt or become distracted by our ego's in training. We have bigger things to do!


Providing for and protecting our families, working our job, living Life and Changing the World!

Your training is bigger than...

Getting a workout or learning to punch and kick...

Yes, that's the fun part, but it's so much bigger than that!

Often Overlooked...

One of the areas that often gets overlooked is how much INFLUENCE plays into protecting yourself and others.

The ability to overcome a situation takes some work...

But if you have the right tools it can play huge in your strategy in keeping yourself and others safe!

Learning what to say and how to say it...

Where to stand and how to move...

Understanding and applying how verbal communications and physical action come together in a real encounter is an essential skill to have in your arsenal.

It is a skill set that is often taken for granted if it is even looked into at all!


Because most people are used to talking in casual conversation, but most don't know how to be effective during conflict and don't know what the structure of Tactical Communication is...

The art of Conflict Communication is something that most people just don't possess!

It can make or break you in a situation!

Being a good communicator can be the difference between working things out or finding yourself in a physical altercation!

It can also help you get a job, land that new client, ask for a raise, deal w/you kid when they don't want to come home on time... Or talk your way though a situation with your spouse!

Keep Going,

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