The #1 Question Regarding Conflict!

I'm keeping it short today...  

What's the #1 Question to Ask Yourself regarding Conflict?

Is it How Do You Avoid Conflict? 

Or... Pick Your Battles?


But what happens when conflict is unavoidable?!

Is it How to Always Win?!

As we know sometimes there is no "Winning."

What about, How to Compromise or How to Always Look on the Brighter Side?

Well, let's face it, some things cannot be compromised on and some times the brighter side doesn't do much for dealing with the situation at hand...

So what then? What is THE question?!
What are YOU going to do if things DON'T go the way you want?

That's right...

What's Your 'Plan B?'

You see, it's not so much about focusing on getting your way, as much as it is knowing what YOU are going to to if things go 'South'.

It's easy to get into the habit of trying to force your will, your influence, getting your way...

That's not to say that there's something wrong with getting your way.

But remember, somethings cannot be changed by you, sometimes...

It's MORE about your Plan "B"!

Keep Going!


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