Training Blueprint for People w/No Time

Vintage 1980-81(ish) pic of yours truly training at home...
(Gotta love the red carpet & old school Curtis Mathis Console TV!) 

I hear it all the time...

"I'm really busy! I don't have time to train..."

I know! I know! Life's busy... Career, family, relationships, school, chores, kids, and when you get a second or two... Maybe some sleep!

You feel like you don't have time to train!!

I get it!

So, what's the answer!?

How do YOU fit it all in!?

How can you get all of the stuff done you have to AND get that essential training in too!?

How How HOW?!?


Here's How You Do It!

To start with you have to do TWO things:

(1) Start Where You're At!
(2) Change Your Perspective.

Just Do IT!

What I mean by this is START where you are and DO IT! NOW!!!! 

Start w/ONE thing! Make it little, something small and manageable.

A Training Blueprint...

Let's use your Krav Maga training (or any other martial arts) for an example.

Day 1: Do ONE THING TODAY that involves practicing something you are working on... It could be doing your 360 degree defense once after you wash your hands in the bathroom...

How long would that take you? 15 or 20 seconds?!

Day 2 - 7: Remember what you did yesterday?! Well... do THAT again! Only today you will practice something for a second or two EVERY TIME you wash your hands today...

WEEK 2: Aside for practicing for a couple seconds after every time you wash your hands, pick one other time during the day to practice something else.

EXAMPLE: Do 5 squats before you sit down and after you get up from watching the TV. 

WEEK 3: In addition to the habit you've been building the last two weeks,dedicate 10 minutes to train on your own 1x this week. (Before Work, As soon as you get home for work. Just before you go to bed. 10 minutes at lunch time).

*If you feel like training longer... go w/it, but promise yourself you'll do one solo training session this week!

WEEK 4: Same as above but make it 15 minutes.

WEEK 5: Same as above but dedicate 2x per week.

WEEK 6: Commit to yourself to raise ONE of those two training sessions to 20 minutes... Only one.

WEEK 7: Change it up a little by doing 3 - 10 minute training sessions on your own this week. (Don't forget that you have the weekends to train as well).

WEEK 8: Find a training buddy. Ask someone who's like you and newer at Krav to get together out side of class to train. Keep it someone about at your level, someone who started about the same time as you. (This can replace one of your solo training sessions).

WEEK 9: Buffer week to find your training partner.

WEEK 10: Set up a day/time to get together with this person weekly to train together

Academy Training...

If you are not currently going to group class, then...

Commit to finding and visiting a class this week!

Then sign up for a program!

Make it a priority!

If you are already going to classes 1x per week...

Then add One More Class this MONTH! (or go to a seminar!)

Or commit to go to class 2x per week...

Make it work for you...

But don't make excuses, because YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

Once you develop a habit out of it you won't NOT be able to do it! You'll feel like your day is lacking something if you DON'T go!

Keep going!

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