Tips He May Attack You

On my last blog post, we talked about how Foundational Grounding affects your ability to maintain Situational Awareness.

Today I wanted to get into a bit more 'boots on the ground' and share a few tips on what I call:

PCI's or Pre-Contact Indicators. Basically, warning signs that the person you're engaging with may become violent.

You see, when a person feel stress, it effects the mind, emotions and physical state. The body goes under certain physiological changes and those changes come out in behavior.

Here are some red flags or PCI's that research, history and experience have indicated as a precursor to someone lashing out with violence.

This list is NOT a complete list, as a matter of fact, if you see something that's not on it, please go on PeaceWalker Project Facebook Page and share it:

Here we go...

Head & Face:

Eyes bulge
1000 mile stare
He ignores you
He pays too much attention to you
He assesses your body parts and gear as potential targets./
Dry mouth
Clenching: Teeth, jaw, hands, arms, etc.
Tensing muscles
Facial twitches
Nostrils flare
Veins bulge
Chin tightens or drops
Tightens neck


Change in voice: High to low. Low to high. Fast to slow. Slow to fast. Quiet to loud or loud to quiet.  Lot of talking to quiet. Not talking to talking.

Threatens or promises of violent behavior
Announces that he's going to hurt you
His words become erratic, disjointed and distracted.

Hands & Arms:

Clinches fists
Fingers drum surface tops
His hands tremble or shake
His hand wander to positions such as near weapons on or near him.
He rises up or adjusts position nonchalantly.
Scratches head, yawns or stretches


Rises up from a seated position
Tries to wander
Gets too close
Assumes an aggressive stance
Blades body away from you
Takes off his jacket (Funny I know, but it actually happens!)
Bends at the knee / lowers his stance
Heel and/or toe tapping
Positions near potential weapons
Positions himself very near to you
Starts to walk away

There's More...

When I have more time, like in a course, I teach a rundown of 4 categories:

1) Distance, Position & Body Language
2) Emotional State & Voice
3) Face & Eyes
4) Hands & Weapons

But I wanted to keep this post somewhat short, so I just gave you some of the highlights. =)

Keep In Mind...

One Red Flag doesn't guarantee that there is an eminent attack on its way... You have to pay attention to the signs and understand that human behavior has patterns, however it can be somewhat unpredictable as well. That's why being able to control your "Tactical Space" or the place of advantage is so important!

But... That, my friend is a discussion for another day in another post.

Keep Going,


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