8 Surprising Awareness Tools

Man, we've been having some beautiful weather lately! Autumn is my favorite!!

For those of you who read my Isolated and Alone posts earlier this month (Oct. 2019), you may be wondering if I'm still jogging my old route...

Yes, I am...

I'll be honest, I re-routed for about a week, before (quite literally) going back down that same path again. And now I do mix up my route a bit more.



I hadn't seen any of those guys there before... or since (so far). Nor have I had any real problems in that area in all the years (decades) I've been running there.

Things like what I experienced a couple weeks ago can happen anywhere...

Yes, they have more of a chance to occur in certain places more than others. Isolated places are definitely one place where mischief and more can transpire... So it's good to stay in well populated places if you have concerns.

Also, there are certain locations that have a greater amount of crime and violence depending on the area. This area isn't a crime ridden area.

I still like my alone time, and I know it comes with certain risks...

So, was my chance encounter a fluke?!


I'll keep my ears a little more open and my eyes peeled... And if I keep running into suspicious or potentially dangerous people I may have a change of heart, but for now, I'll keep doing what I do.

Yes, I have taken up carrying again while I run...

But what?!?

A firearm? pepper spray? knife?  taser? Flame Thrower?!

Good question...

I'll let you guess what you think I opted for... =)

If You Only Knew...

If you only knew what, where, when how (and sometimes even Why) someone was going to get violent, it would be much simpler to deal with the situation.

We talked about being alert & aware...

In the programs I teach we cover Awareness Skills where you take into consideration yourself, others (including potential threats) and the situational environment...

Good stuff...

If you can see warning signs BEFORE something happens it's much easier to prepare for whatever 'It' is.

Here's The Problem...

When thing happen in isolation and we are present and focused it's easy to see the warning signs...

However, that's NOT typically how real life works. Oh, no, that'd be too easy!

We have to see these warning signs amidst Real Life of multi-tasking, busyness, boredom, stress, distractions, family, career, financial pressure, sickness, vacation, kids, life changes, late nights, early mornings...

Basically fitting 10lbs of crap in a 5lbs bag!

That's Where Things Get REAL!

This is why 'Functional Grounding' is SO IMPORTANT!

If we are just going through the motions so to speak... We can become distracted by our own lives... and that can result in lacking Tactical Awareness, also know as Situational Awareness.

Staying clear, alert and aware is easier when your life is in balance... Functional Grounding is a fancy term for living a balanced life. Taking care of yourself.

Now I could give an entire course on this (hey wait a minute... we DO have an entire course on this!), but not now. Today I'll just share this...

8 Surprising Awareness Tools!

1. Physical health:

It's easy to let things like exercise and diet go by the wayside once life get busy. But that's the only body you're going to get and it needs to carry you until the end of the game. That's why it's critical to continue to keep your body strong and healthy enough to enable you to do the things that make life worth living. Simple not easy! Here are the basics: REST: 8 hours per night & some vacation and down time every so often. DIET: Nothing crazy, just reasonable amounts of healthy fuel. EXERCISE: Strength, Flexibility/Mobility, Stamina/Cardio. Keep moving!

2. Family:

How balanced do you feel with your family? What's your relationship like with your spouse? Your kids? How about your parents and extended family members? Family ties are the tightest relationships you should have in your life no matter how busy things get at work. Family are truly the largest part of your support network and you'll never miss them more when you're at your lowest point.

3. Social:

Do you have a robust network of friends or not? Do you have a group of folks like you hang out with regularly, maybe go shooting or Krav class? If not, it's time to start building these kinds of relationships. Having people around you that you like and trust is one of the best indicators of living a long life. If you are sacrificing relationships like these because you're too busy, you're clearly not in balance.

4. Financial:

Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Hand to mouth? Do you spend what you make? Or are you saving some for a rainy day (and retirement?!)?  If you're working too much, and you don't have the money you need, something is clearly missing in the equation. Financial stress can crush a person and family. Mind your spending habits. Another simple, not easy step.

5. Career/Job:

It doesn't matter your job or profession... Even if you love what you do, its called work for a reason! It's not good to hate going into your job day in and out. And it's not just the job, it's also the life that it creates for you and your family. You have to weigh all of these things out. It's worth measuring how all that time you are investing in your work is paying off... Not just financially!

6. Civic:

How much time are you able to invest in the things you care about in your community? That can mean anything from volunteering to serving on the PTA or coaching a sports team-anything that turns you on when you give of yourself. Think of it as your attitude of gratitude. If you haven't made enough time to give back, you're missing out on a real emotional payback, because you are rewarded by the act of giving. And the key here isn't just signing checks-time and talent are the real gifts.

7. Personal Development / Expression:

Make sure you save some time for yourself. Hobbies, travel, retreats, whatever excites you, but do something 'just for you'. It'll make you better at everything else too!

8. Spiritual:

The final aspect of living a balanced life is your spiritual side. Connecting to something bigger than yourself! This could be anything from taking a walk in the woods to making a trip to church, synagogue, temple, mosque, or whatever fills up your spiritual cup. We need to renew ourselves when we're down-and it's something that can be easily neglected. Sometimes our personal pressures and problems seem insurmountable... Connecting to something BIGGER than ourselves, helps us to put those things in a better perspective.


That's why building a Protector LIFESTYLE is so important!

You can be a beast at whatever the skill is required to take care of the situation, but if your life is wrecking you, it may inhibit your ability to deploy that skill in the moment.

It's a Marathon... AND a Sprint!

You can't spend your entire life sprinting!


You'll eventually burn out, crash into a wall or blow a gasket!

Yes, there are times when you'll have to 'Sprint', but remember, you're in this for the long haul, so if you think you can sprint all the way through, you're in for a rude awaking!

You gotta know when to put on the brake and when and how to 'floor it'!

That, my friend is the art!

If you want to really protect yourself, your loved ones and those in need, you'll have to be able to have the capacity to do both!

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See you next time!

Keep Going,


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