Why is a Protector's Hoop is So Important?!

2019 Buyu Camp - NJ USA

Back from Jersey...

Good weekend of training out at Jack Hoban's Buyu Camp.

WTH is Buyu Camp?

It's a camp where people come to train and re-activate their Protector Identity, as they practice a modern adaptation of an ancient Japanese martial art called Budo Taijutsu.

Some are professional protectors and many run training groups of their own. Regardless, we are all protectors and come together to create what Jack calls a 'Hoop'. 

A 'Hoop' is a Sioux tradition that inspired him when he read about it in a book called Hanta Yo.

A 'Hoop' is a yearly event when numerous smaller tribal groups come together for a few days. They congeal into one larger group for a short time for the purpose of  exchange knowledge and reconnecting. Afterward, they disperse and go back to their own respective territories and lives.

Jack relates this yearly Buyu Camp Event to that ancient Hoop, where training groups come from all over to practice and stay connected. This realignment with not only the bigger group, but even more important realign with the larger overall picture of being protectors.

It's a great time...

Why Should You Connect?

One of the leading causes of mental & physical health issues is feeling isolated from others and from the inspiration of the Bigger Picture.

Your mom always told you to be careful of the friends you keep!

If you want to be a better protector... Stay connected with other protectors!

Here's why...

If you want to feel safe, healthy and successful, in everything from your personal to your professional Life, being a protector... a PeaceWalker, is going to help you in EVERYTHING you do.

You don't even have to get the info and connection here...  But you need to find it someplace! Learn how to deal with conflict and violence so you can not only protect yourself, family and community. Dial your skills in so you know what to do when 'It' hits the fan!

If you do want to connect with THIS movement more, I welcome you to get on my Newsletter: www.peacewalkersubscribe.com

Keep going,


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