Who's In Your Corner?!


Iron Mike Tyson still rocking it in his 54!

I don't know if you got the chance to see Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.'s exhibition match a couple weeks back?

I didn't watch it. Boxing is fine and all and I've seen numerous matches on TV as well as in person, but much like pretty much any other sport, I never really enjoyed watching any of it. A little here and there is alright, but for whatever reason I never got into being a viewer, let alone fan.

I'll be honest, I have mixed feelings on the exhibition fight. Part of me wants to give those guys credit for getting 'in there' again at fifty something. That's awesome! Make some money. Relive your youth. Work what you got. Fifty is the new thirty!

The 'other' part of me is like...

Grow up. Move on. 

But, first off. It's a free(ish) country. Do what you want. If you want to challenge yourself in that way for whatever reason, go for it! I get it... I like mixing it up too. Any of us 'old dogs' in our 40's, 50's and beyond don't really feel like we are as old as we are. Not to mention... From the few clips I saw of the fight, Tyson was looking good out there for a boxer at any age, so, more power to those guys! 

As for me... 

At this point in my Life, I'm looking toward the long game! 

The reason I train isn't to jump back in the ring with someone. Yea, I still dig sparring every now and then. (I have a few more Testing Ramp Ups in me, so, if you train at our local Krav Academy don't worry, after we get past Covid, we'll get back at it w/our gauntlet testing process!).


You have to know what you're training for! 

Some folks may be training for the ring, the cage, or their next text, but...

I'm training for LIFE!

And that my friend makes all the difference in not only how you approach your training, but also how you plan on using your training!

Which brings us to...

Who's In Your Corner?!

If you're training to for a boxing match, you might want someone like Kevin Rooney, who was Tyson's corner coach for a long time.

He's good! Arguably one of the best!

If you're training for a bjj match, you might want someone like Renner or Rickson Gracie in your corner.

If you're fighting in a mma, you might want Greg Jackson, Ron Frazier or the Nogueria Brothers. 

You're gonna be in a stick fighting competition!? Maybe employ Doug Marcaida or one of the Dog Brothers to train and pull for you.

But what about if you're training for real Life encounters? Real conflict and violence? The stuff you find out there on the street. Things ranging from verbal disputes and physical assaults, to all out terrorist and active shooter events. Social unrest and pandemics?!

How do you even train for that?!

Is it the same as a ring, or cage fight?!

Not really!

A lot of it, not at all!

Yes, when things go physical, there's an overlap of some of the skills and attributes, but that is a small slice of the big picture.

Multiple threats? 
Protecting others? 
Assaults in vehicles?

I could go on and on...

There are many Life Skills of being a protector that are different than learning a combat sport, martial art or shooting.

So, who's in your corner?

How are you preparing to deal with these situations? 

Maybe this [almost] Daily email is your only resource? I hope not, but it's a good start.

Another Good Start...

Is my Six Day Defense Course.

It's a free home study course where you get two, five minute videos per day, over a six day period.
Each clip will show you an essential concept for defense: One physical, the other about mindset.

I even throw in my 'Street Smart Survival Guidebook' where I share simple solutions for the most common situations you're likely to run into today.

I teach you the same basic framework that I teach to professional protectors from law enforcement & special ops... Teachers, sales people or soccer moms. the basic concepts are the same. This is the foundation, with a twist or two.

Just go to:

...and get FREE Access to the entire six day course!

No, this course isn't going to turn you into 007 or the next UFC Champ, but it will help you on your path to developing a better Protector Lifestyle.

Let me be your 'Corner Man' when it comes to learning how to be a Protector, a PeaceWalker.

Ok, enough of the sales pitch already!

I'll catch up with you later.

Keep going,


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