Where Do You Stand?!


The Really Scary Stuff

The state of everything right now is one of tension. Covid, the election, the economy and social issues threaten further indecision and fighting amongst our leaders. Our current state of affairs provides a stressful, uneasy environment for all of us. 

So yes, there is still plenty of 'scary' stuff out there that folks are concerned about. 


This is also a great time for those of us who are on this path as protectors... As PeaceWalkers to double down on clarifying where WE Stand with things and why. 

Now this isn't something that you need to post up on facebook or twitter... You don't need to take a selfie for your instagram account, a bumper sticker or a sign out in your front yard. It's simply something that you live everyday. Something that quiet assurance inside of you that you are clear on who you are and what you believe in. 

It's not something you need to try to convince anyone else of, or judge anyone by... It's simply knowing for yourself. Having the confidence w/o the drama. Standing tall in the face of opposition w/o feeling the need to lash out, condemn or spread hate. 

You don't have to yell to cover up your uncertainty or fear. You are confident... Confident that even in this sea of confusion, you know where you stand and you have the skills, courage and clarity to handle whatever Life throws at you. And that gives you Grace, within yourself and to extend toward others. 

No Matter Where You Stand...

Be clear and confident... yet humble and compassionate. Listen with the intent to learn and connect. You don't have to agree, but still do your best to listen. Try to understand better. Try to connect deeper. It may help us all get through this  and onto even bigger things. Remember that we are all in this. 

Go vote tomorrow (if you haven't already). And understand that no matter who wins, you have what it takes to Keep Going through all of this. 

You may not believe me when I say that you are a beacon that others look to for guidance, but you are... We all are leading and following simultaneously...

Make It Count!

Join Me! We're Better Together

If you want some more from me and hear about this Protector Lifestyle, check out the link below. It'll take you to my weekly podcast. I'm about four and a half months into it, so there are more than a few episodes to listen to if you feel so inclined. You'll find some interesting stuff in there.

Keep going,


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