Flip Your Script

Going from:

"I don't have the time for it."


"That's Not a Priority."

That's a powerful switch! 

A critical mindset shift when it comes to everything from your training to your relationships. 

Teaching and training martial arts for as long as I have, I have a deep knowledge with the difference of these two perspectives. Heck, if I had a dollar for every time I heard a student say, "I'd love to train, but I just don't have the time..."

When someone says that, it doesn't phase me anymore (hasn't for decades). I just think, "quit BSing yourself, because your not BSing me."

Being Honest w/Yourself

Try being brutally honest with yourself. Just say, 

"That's Not a Priority."


"That's not a priority right now"

When you do that enough times that it becomes a habit, you will be surprised how much it changes you. 

When you start to be honest with yourself & others, you start to change at a very deep level. 

It something you have to keep up on though. It's a practice, something you have to keep doing. 

Once you do you'll be surprised what else in your Life changes!

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Keep going,


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