Why Some Instructors Have Contempt for Newbies

You know, the most difficult thing for people to do often times is to get started. Especially when it comes learning how to protect yourself. It can be very intimidating to step into a gym or on a shooting range to begin learning how to protect yourself. 

I think sometimes we as instructors, experts, or folks who have gained some proficiency forget this.

Learning something new can be intimidating, many people feel vulnerable, out of their comfort zone, exposed. 

What Are Some of His Reasons?

The email that I was referring to comes from one of my business coaches. No, he's not a martial artist, or any type of a defensive tactical instructor, (however he does train in Wing Chun), but some of his points I've heard before across the gamut of coaches...

He wasn't actually coming down too hard on new folks, he used that headline to get people's attention and teach the something. 

He is a bit edgy, and has a sarcastic sense of humor. It is not uncommon to be a bit tongue in cheek the way he comes across. 

This was no exception...

Read this excerpt: 

If you’ve been reading these emails for very long, you will no doubt have noticed I not only do not cater to newbies, but in some cases it looks like I might even show contempt for some of them.

Not all of them, of course.

I am specifically only referring to the ones who think they can start with “advanced.”

These are the ones who have some contempt of their own when it comes to learning the "boring" basics & fundamentals first. These particular types of newbies are the ones who do nothing but waste my time & waste their money, ask questions which would be answered if they go through my basic course, and actually practiced the material...


Although he does come across as a little harsh, admittedly he has some points! 

It doesn't matter if it's your first day, or you been training (at whatever) for a long time, practicing the basis is essential to being successful in anything...

Business, self defense, shooting, your job, relationships, Life, you name it!

People see the end results of something and want that NOW! You know, you see someone like Michael Jordan playing basketball, or hear Eric Clapton play the guitar (I know I'm dating myself w/both of those examples..)...

But it's even worse than that now...

Now you can go on instagram, flakebook or youtube and see literally millions of everyday folks (who aren't celebrities), do whatever it is you want to do better than you. (Admittedly some of them are crazy bad too!)


There are a lot of people who are really good at things, however, you only see the 30 seconds of the fruits of their labor (or the agony of their defeat! =), you don't see all of the practice it took for them to make it look easy 

The Takeaway...

The takeaway is this...

It can be intimidating to start something new, be it walking fresh into something you've never done before, or changing things up and trying a new way of doing something you're already pretty good at. 

When it comes to getting good, you have to have good basics.


(1) Empty your cup
(2) Train the basics
(3) Practice
(4) Trust the Process

Stop Looking...

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