Old Man's Club

And just like that... The day's about done! 

I was catching up on all things PeaceWalker when I got a IM from a new subscriber. Brian's a vet just turning fifty. Sounded like he has his share of injuries. 

We had a good conversation back and forth for a minute or two. It was good to connect with him.

We got to 'know' one another because he liked our Ronin Krav Maga Facebook Page. When that happens, I try to thank everyone who liked the page and invite them to go through our Six Day Defense Home Study Course.

Some, like Brian write back. Sometimes a conversation and connection comes out of it. Sometimes not. 

In a world where we've automated and industrialized our relationships, it's good to know that there is a real person on the other side of your keyboard. 

And this community, facebook page, these emails and yes, the private membership too are all run by me personally. 

This isn't some corporation, agency, spammer or scammer...

I'm a real person and this is a real grass roots training organization. It all started out live in person. Yep, old school! 

I have an actual brick and mortar training academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan... 

I sharpened my teeth over the past 3+ decades travelling and teaching live in-person workshops and seminars all over this great country of ours. 

I started recording videos early... You know, back in the VHS days (yea! I'm that old!), then DVD's. 

Later, in 2008, inspired by Tim Ferriss's 4 hour work week, I started my PeaceWalker Blog and my first attempted at an online membership. 

Several fail attempts later that membership evolved into the PeaceWalker Private Membership site that was unleashed to the public in 2017. It took about 9 months *(before that) to build it and get it ready to release.


Because I wanted to be able to reach and help more people build a Protector's Lifestyle. More confidence, clarity, skills to protect themselves and others... To live more powerfully. Have a better Life!

Anyway... Back to Brian

After hearing about Brian's injuries, I was telling him about the 'Over Forty 10x Training Course' I'm just finishing up. 

He sounded pretty excited about it.

I didn't want to come across as to 'salesy', so I didn't even tell him that the four areas we'd be covering are:

I. Injury Prevention
II. Injury Recovery
III. Peak Performance (In & Out of the gym)
VI. Gaining the Unfair Advantage

It's all about training smarter. 

I share my 40+ years of experience (holy f*k I'm THAT Old!?). 

The introduction to the program will be livestreamed... Well... Live! =) 

That part is no cost, but you'll have to register. I'll lay the foundation for good solid training. How I survived and thrived all of these years and am poised for what's next. 

OK, enough of my yappin'

If you are interested in the Over Forty 10x Program, reach out to me and I'll get you some info. 

Keep going,


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