Something Many Have Pondered...


Last week I had one of our Private PeaceWalker members email me a philosophical question that many have asked before. 

It's a question that I have chewed on quite a bit myself over the years. Important questions that many, like you and I, have given thought to.

Here's the gist of his question:

If we're all going to die, what's the purpose of life then? 

What's the purpose of being a protector when in the end we're all going to die eventually?

Hey Craig,

Hope all is well.

Been pondering lately. What is the purpose of protecting life when all life eventually dies? When the protector comes to the end and no one can protect him from his death of old age? What does it matter if one dies when one is young or when one is old? Gun shot wound to the head or never waking after crawling into a soft warm bed after a long/short life? Death still awaits! 

If there is no eternal hope for death not being the end, then there should be no illusion of purpose… life is purpose. But if life’s goal is to eventually die, then that purpose is self defeating, unless you view the dash in between life and death as the ultimate goal. Every dash still has its expiration date. What then?

I know when talking about death the conversation can seem morbid, however that is not my intention. I seek life and love and hope and peace, I desire to protect these things… I just have some questions along the way.

Really appreciate everything you do!

My Response...

I gave the inqueries some consideration and then wrote:

PHILOSOPHICALLY I don't believe that we were born to die, I believe we were born to live, but it's a limited engagement. We're just passing through, the temporal nature of our existence is one of the things that gives it meaning, so enjoy the ride in all of its glory, the good and bad. Without one you can't have the other. I literally believe we are all God choosing to experience itself and the meaning of life is to live it.

PRACTICALLY, when it comes to YOURSELF: Have someone hold your head under the water and see if your reaction is to come up for air...

When it comes to OTHERS: If you have children or someone you love, look at them and imagine them suffering and dying and tell me what you feel. Then imagine them having a peaceful, happy, full life. What does that feel like?

If you've ever fought for your life and/or have seen someone fight for theirs especially at the hands of another person it leaves a mark on you. 

Death, Loss, violence and pain tends to feel heavy... dark, weighted, contraction.

Life, Love, protection, respect, helping, tend to feel lighter, expansion.

Death will someday come for us all, we (typically) don't choose how or when. You DO have a choice on how you want to spend the time you have. Enjoy the experience.

For me, it's pretty simple really: Following the way of respecting , protecting and appreciating life brings more peace inside, I feel better, more fulfilled. Whereas following apathy, disrespect, violence and death brings more regret, dis-ease, and less peace inside of me. 

Greater Than Less Than!?


The thing I search for most is Truth, even perhaps greater the being a peace maker/walker. Though I believe the one goes with the other. There is an absolute, I’m not convinced it’s subjective. However as one that seeks I would be curious to here your conclusions and the reasons for your convictions. 

Ultimate Truth!?

I'm not saying it's not there, however it's above my paygrade.

I've learned to appreciate Life for the mystery that it is. 

Nowadays, I find ultimate Truth in the little things...

A sunset.
Dinner with friends.
Watching the autumn leaves change colors.
My health.
Spending time w/people I love.
A deep belly laugh.
Good music.
Watching a child growing up.
The sound of rain.
A walk in the woods.
A smile from a stranger.
A knowing touch from the woman I love.
The clarity to stand up for the right things.

I am alright with knowing that I simply don't know. My truth may not be the ultimate truth. What I think the Ultimate Truth is may or may not be accurate. Regardless, I can still speculate and be curious while I appreciate the mystery at the same time. 

To me, that makes all the difference.

My Two Cents

These are deep questions worth exploring. Your WHY Matters!  

I know the path can sometimes seem lonely even when others are walking beside you. 

It's questions like these that are deserving to be discussed over several adult beverages around a campfire on a warm starry night! =)

But alas we were confined to discuss it in this medium. =(

Maybe sometime in the near future, you and I can train together, then grab a few beverages while we grill out and enjoy a good conversation around the fire under the stars!

In the meantime, this will have to do! 

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