Doing This Won't Get You Popular!


They Might Not Like You...

You'll find that once you begin thinking for on your own and start standing up for yourself that not everyone likes it! 

I know right?!

You start get people who troll you or push back. 

It's easy now-a-days. Most simply do it on line. There's a lot of armchair quarterbacks and basement barbarians who wouldn't utter as much as a peep to someone's face, but grow a huge pair when they're amanous behind that keyboard! 

Regardless if its online haters or people who have to grit to push back to your face, when you're living the life of a PeaceWalker, sometimes the peace inside of you is the only peace to be had!

I'm not big into sports, but if I were then one of my favorite documentaries would be:

“A Football Life - Mike Ditka”

If you grew up in the 70's and 80's you'd know Ditka's name regardless if you were a football fan or not.

Entire volumes of Confidence and Resiliency books can be mined from this short video.

Especially when it comes to handling trolls, critics, haters, etc.

For example:

The documentary shows footage of Ditka talking about his critics. The man had tons of critics, haters, trolls, and others with axes to grind when he was coaching the Bears. 

And I’ve never seen anyone handle hostile reporters or put the sports media Maynards in their place quite like him.

In fact, here’s what he said about his so-called media critics:

“Media's fickle. You're a hero today, you're a bum tomorrow. Took me a while to figure it out but once I did I treated them all the same. Like dirt.”

There is a lifetime of wisdom in that line.

Not so much in treating them like dirt, because I don't believe in that either, but you can't care so much about what they think. You have to let that go! Let go of caring what everyone thinks. 

It reminds me of my days as a printing sales rep in cooperate America!

Far too many people are way too timid in their response toward “critics and the squeaky wheels."

Instead of ignoring them, or drawing boundaries, many appease the critics and the Karens of the worlds, put them on pedestals, crave their approval, and care far too much what they think, and, as a result, become victims to their tyrannical behavior. 

Taking a knee to them often emboldens them and others like them to be bigger bullies. 

And don't get me going about all of the social media wars we participate in! 

Who cares.

You don't know most of those chodes anyway! 

Not to mention, you'll never get that time back! Ever!

Remember that old 80's movie War Games with Matthew Broderick?

The best line of that movie is applicable here to:

"The only way to win is not to play."

But if you do choose to play, understand that it's not always easy standing up for the right things. 

And when you do, don't think for a minute that everyone out there is going to look at you and say, "You know, YOU'RE Right! We were wrong all this time!"

Oh, no. Expect push back and some trolley, trolley, troll, trolls!

But when they come, remember Ditka and don't let them get under your skin. Don't let them bother you!

Obviously, you can do whatever you want in these circumstances.

But, I can tell you what Ditka would say, and did say in the documentary:

“You’re going to have your critics. Screw ‘em.”

Who knows?

Maybe it has given some people permission to say something for once in their life. To push back on that person being unreasonable. Or speak up about something that should've been said a long tie ago. 

If you want help with the clarity and confidence part, that’s where I can help.

Specifically, in my Free Home Study Course - Check it out! 

Let me know if you have any questions.

Keep Going,


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