Out of All of Our Differences...


Apples & Oranges...

We are wired to look for similarities and differences. 

And in today's day and age with the internet it is easy to surround ourselves with all things (and people) that are like us... 

And it doesn't stop there...

Algorithms are constantily filling your feed w/things that you would either like or things that'll stir you up! 

Amazon, youtube, netfix, etc show you things that the algorithms believe you would resonate with... 

Facebook will show you ads and videos that get you all lathered up...

And you know as well as I do, they do a pretty good job at both those things!

In a world that claims to champion diversity, we are more tribal than ever. 

In a time when we have more interaction than any time in history, we feel more isolated, lonely and dis-connected than ever. 

Our everyday life provides us with...

Too much information... 

Little knowledge...


Rare wisdom.

How Different is Similar?

We are all very different...

It's easy to focus too much on those differences and forget that no matter how different we STILL have more similarities...

Or at least DEEPER Similarities. 

You've heard me say that we all have many identities, but our deepest are:

1) We are all humans
2) We are all protectors... We just have to make sure we are protecting the right things. 

Same holds true with conflict. 

You know I get hired by organizations from across the spectrum. Cops, teachers, military, medical, churches, corporations of all shapes and sizes. 


Because of this ONE THING kids...

Once people understand that we yes of course we ARE different, but one of the major things we all have in common is that we all have to deal with people and with people comes conflict, so if you want the chance at being more successful in pretty much EVERYTHING that you do, get better at managing conflict! 


Yes, of course there are nuances that vary slightly...

However, the formula is the same!


Because we are all human and we have similarities that run deeper than the differences! 

Once you know the formula, you can figure out the solution. 

Math works the same way on apples as it does oranges, yo!

You don't use a different kind of math on them do you!?

Well, same holds true for dealing with people, whether it's kicking some dude in the knads, or asking the right questions to influence and persuade someone. Once you know the recipe you can bake that cake! 

You're Probably Thinking...
This is where Craig is going to try to invite me on going to one of his courses or joining his membership or something like that...

And you'd be right. 


I want you to have the Rosetta stone of not just for protecting yourself and your loved ones better, I want you to be more confident and successful at everything that you do...

And this membership and that retreat can help you to do that! 

How do I know?!

Because, it has for sooooooo many others! I've seen it time and time again on countless students over the years. 

So, let me personally invite you to join me in my flag ship program, the PeaceWalker Evolution Training Retreat. It is the speed pass to giving you the formula to be successful in knowing what to do when nice doesn't work. It's a unique bootcamp style course where I will take you step by step through the exact formula to confidently protecting yourself and dealing with conflict while leading a happier, more powerful life.

Early bird pricing ends soon!

Here's the link for information and registration:

No, I Won't Leave You Hanging

I'm not going to leave you without sharing this simple, yet powerful strategy on dealing with conflict.

You can use this tool when you need to work with someone who you aren't seeing eye to eye with:

#1 - Take a breath and calm yourself.
#2 - Treat the person respectfully (no matter what you have to do)
#3 - Identify some of the similarities you two have.
#4 - After all of that, THAN try to tackle your differences.
#5 - Know you're options if that doesn't work.

I know... Simple not easy. 

If you want more help, consider checking out my Free Home Study Course: https://sixdaydefense.com/

Let me know if you have any questions.

Keep Going,


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