Vitamin vs. Aspirin


So, what is better?! An Aspirin or vitamin?

One keeps you healthy so you are less likely to get sick and need the other. 

The other gives you immediate relief that the first doesn't provide.

So, which one is it then?

Which one do you pick?

You know as well as I do that it's a  both / and answer, not either / or.

Do you have both in your medicine cabinet?!

I certainly do. My guess is that you do too. 

I want to be clear, I'm not talking about technique vs. formula.

The formulas are different, you know for Aspirin and Vitamin. 

They aren't the same. 

One is to help you to be healthy, the other is to bring quick relief. 

Is there overlap!?

Yes, of course.

Another way of seeing it is imagine that someone wants to learn how to protect themselves. Maybe they have an immediate need, a headache so to speak, one that they want a solution to, but they haven't been taking vitamins (training).

For instance, your daughter is going off to college it's the first time she'll be away from home. You both feel that it would be good to get some training... 

That would give you both some peace of mind...

However, she hasn't trained at all and doesn't want to. You both know that it takes years to develop those martial arts skills (vitamins). 

You want something to you both feel better, safer,  something to sooth your headache (aspirin). 

You wouldn't take an vitamin if you had a headache, no more than you'd take an aspirin if you want to get your daily nutrients to get/stay healthy. 

Now is there an overlap? 


How I Look At It...

I don't really see this situation as an either / or, rather I view it as both /and. 

I take both vitamins AND aspirin. 

Think of your own life. 

You do this same thing with your kids (or clients, employees, co-workers, students, etc.) 

They keep getting 'headaches' that they ask you to give them 'aspirin' for. 

You know... They keep experiencing problems that they look to you to have the quick solution to. 


You can see that they would really benefit from taking vitamins for better overall nutrition, rather than just asking you for some aspirin all the time.

Maybe if they began taking vitamins they wouldn't have so many headaches!?

Just a thought! 

Crash diet vs. better lifestyle...

And So It Goes...

I could go on with the analogies, but I think you're picking up what I'm putting down.

So, does it have to be an either /or situation?

I don't thik so. 

Not even with training to protect yourself.

A lot of people think that if you want to train how to protect yourself you have to either join a martial arts school and/or start going to the shooting range regularly.  

I'm not saying either of those things are bad. Matter of fact I do both myself. 


Learning to protect yourself from conflict and violence isn't only about learning how to punch, kick and shoot. 

It's more than that...

Ironically, it's simpler too.

But only if you have the formula! The recipe!

If you don't, than going to a self defense course, joining a martial arts class or buying a gun won't really help you as much as you think... 

In some cases, it won't help you at all!

Just like your kid (employee, student, co-worker, etc.) that you keep bailing out of hot water, you see what they could do to avoid needing aspirin in the first place, but they have to take their vitamins! 

You can't do it for them!

I know...

Simple, not easy!

That Said...

If you are interested in getting the Aspirin AND Vitamins of personal confidence, leadership and protection, than I recommend you check out my Free Home Study Course:

Let me know if you have any questions.

Keep going,


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