Which State Was THE Most Critical To Win!?

For some reason I was thinking about elections and voting...

As you know, it's always been a battle within the states (and country) which way is it going to go? Red or Blue?!

Well, when we're talking about which was a state is going to go,  there is a state that's more important than any one of them... 

And this state we're talking about has everything to do with you and your life. I'm talking everything about your life: Your safety, your family, your success, happiness and fulfillment. 

This detail literally will make or break your entire Life!

Well, What Is It?!

The answer isn't democrat or republican. The answer isn't Michigan, Texas, California or Florida...

The answer is...

Your Emotional State! 

Yep, that's right, if you can't control your emotional state you're going to struggle with everything. 

We call it being Baseline.

If you aren't in control of your own emotions, you won't be able to control anything. Worse yet, you are easily controlled by someone or something other than you!

How do you like those apples son!?

No matter how much skill you think you have, none of it matters if you can't keep in control of your emotions. 

The Big Guy...

I told you I'd be unpacking some of what I learned at the Tony Robbins UPW Workshop, so here we go...

Early in the seminar Tony said something that profound and clear:

"The quality of your Life is equal to the quality of your emotions."

Not your money (although that has some importance there are plenty of rich people who are miserable, unhealthy and dead from suicide).

Not your relationships (yes those are vitally important, but if you can't control your emotions you are likely to have more regrets than healthy relationships.)

Not your belongings (obviously, things come and go through your life)

Your health is largely based on your emotional state. 

AND your ability to protect yourself and others is balanced on your ability to control your emotional state. 

If you can't control your Baseline, you won't be able to control pretty much anything! 

It was interesting that Robbins had us spend a great amount of time learning how to control our energy and in turn our emotional state. 

I found that interesting, because my PeaceWalker Training Programs work a lot on that same thing... Mind you, we have a different focus kind of. Maybe a better way of putting it is that we explore different environments to control our emotions, as our courses deal with external conflict...


If you can't control the conflicts inside of you, you will be at a huge disadvantage dealing with the conflicts that happen outside of you! 

So, The Big Take Away Is...

Learn how to control your emotional state. The better you are able to do that, the better you'll be at being a Protector, a PeaceWalker, a Mom, Dad, employee, business owner, cop, teacher, counselor, manager, or whatever else you choose to do in the human experience. 

If you want more, check out my Free Home Study Course: https://sixdaydefense.com/

Let me know if you have any questions on it!

Keep going,


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