They Are NOT Sheep!

A sorority from Grand Valley State University brought me out to teach a Her Survival Guide Workshop out on their campus.

Great group of young ladies!

We started with some Protector Stories and then skidded into the 6A's of Safety. Later we added some physical defensive tactics.  

We had a good ol' time training and recalibrating our Protector Identity.

Be a Shining Light

Shining light on this idea that we are all Protectors isn't something everyone is used to hearing. It goes contrary to the idea of a destructive, yet popular battle cry you hear today.

Am I talking about!?

Well... If you are in the law enforcement, military or tactical community you've heard it. 

"I am a Sheepdog protecting the Sheep"

This way of thinking seperates people into three distinct categories:

Wolves - Predators, aggressors, attackers, etc.
Sheep - The 'regular' people who the wolves attack 
Sheepdogs - The people who protect the sheep from the wolves. 

Although it sounds cool, there is clearly one group that is favored over the other two.

Who wants to be called a Sheep!?

Just because you aren't a cop, military, vet, fighter, gun owner, etc. etc. does that make you a sheep?

Am I a sheep because I'm not a soldier or police officer?

Are those ladies I taught sheep?

Ahhhhhhhh... That's a huge NO!

Those ladies in that picture are beautiful and bad a$$! Fierce Grace! 

It just takes a shift in perspective. 

We are ALL Protectors. It just needs to be activated in us. 

Actually, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman who coined (or at least popularized) the Sheepdog/Sheep/Wolf analogy, in his book "On Combat" said that we ALL have this identity of being a sheepdog inside of us, but not everyone embraces it.

Somehow that detail got lost. In its place a seemingly elite group of misunderstood rogues who were the 'good thugs' rose up to protect the ordinary folks who couldn't protect themselves.  

It's much easier to sell the elitist belief than the fact that we are all capable of being our own sheepdog. Who doesn't want to buy into the idea that you are part of a special (misunderstood) group that is better than the others. 

The fact is we are ALL capable of being a Protector... 

As a matter of fact it's our deepest identity second only to being human. 


You'd think all of this sheepdog and sheep stuff was poppycock too if you were with me Saturday night and witnessed the transformation of those young women. 

They weren't sheep who transformed into sheepdogs, oh no no no! 

They were born powerful protectors simply realizing their true identity! 

As a matter of fact...

When you attend any of my seminars, workshops or regular academy classes you can see for yourself the shift that everyday people make to embrace their true nature of being a Protector. 

We, they, us, them, you were born with this identity already inside of you! 

We are ALL Protectors, we just have to protect the right things! 

The reason we train is to become a BETTER Protector! That's all!

Don't let anyone talk you into thinking you are a Sheep! 

I assure you, you are NOT!

If you want more clarification and skills on this, join me on my Free Home Study Course:

Let me know if you have any questions.

Keep going,


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