Where's Your Home Base!?


I told you that I would unpack some of my Tony Robbins UPW experience with you, so here's something else that Tony asked us at the conference:

Where is your Home Base emotionally?!

Yesterday we talked a little about Baseline, that is, having control of your emotional state...

Well, today I challenge you to consider where your typical emotional home base is?!

Where is your current baseline?

What emotions do you typically feel?

The exercise that Tony had us do was:

1) Make a list. What is your emotional pattern? What are the positive and negative emotions you feel at least once a week or every day?

2) Out of that list, circle your top two empowering and disempowering emotions.

Then he had us list one or two emotions, that if we lived through them everyday, how they might change our life for the better. 

He went on to explain that by controlling our emotional state we change our life and take things to the next level if we chose to.  

We continued to dive deep into our habits and the emotional state we often found ourselves in. 

We went on to dig into how we developed those emotions and what they meant to us. 

We didn't stop there though, we began uncovering how we could change them to fuel different, more favorable outcomes. 

THEN... We discovered how we can influence the emotional state of people other than ourselves.

Why Is This So Important?!

As I've said time and time again, if you can't control your own emotional state, you are going to have a difficult time applying any of your skills, no matter how good you are at them.


We all have habits that we fall into and THAT is our Emotional Home Base.

Seeing that clearly will serve you well during conflict and quite simply in every area of your life.

Remember, if you don't have command over yourself, you can EASILY be manipulated!

This lesson has much more impact on protecting yourself and others than most want to put the time and work into. 

We get more into the specifics of how to use that during conflict in the PeaceWalker Evolution Course.

Speaking of that...

If you want to take advantage of my Free Home Study Course go here: https://sixdaydefense.com/

Let me know if you have any questions.

Keep Going,


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