A PeaceWalker Fire Walks? WTH?!


A few months ago I attended a 4 Day Tony Robbins Workshop. 

And let me tell you it was INTENSE!

I can't even imagine that you haven't hear of him, but...

If you're not familiar with Tony, he's been a personal / professional development icon since the 80's. He's quite a personality and definitely commands a room. He filled it w/an electricity of super high energy that was impossible to not get swept up in.

I'll be honest, it took me out of my comfort zone. Good, but challenging. I knew that going in though! (More on that later!)

I'm going to keep things (fairly) short today, but I will be unpacking my experience w/you over the next several emails. I'll share w/ you how all of this helps us to be better Protectors... Better PeaceWalkers!

First off, there is no real personal protection without personal development and Tony shares a lot of tools for personal development!  (I'll go into greater detail on this too!)

This event teach you a set of tools to:

~ Have better control over your mental / emotional state.
~ Clarify your goals... and what's holding you back from getting them.
~ Work on your limiting believes and fears
~ Better understand what creates progress and limitations.

All good tools for conflict management too... 

Actually Tony shared very similar tools we cover in the PeaceWalker Program, he just uses different terms and uses it for personal development more so than leadership and conflict management.

The event is very fast-paced. You dance, you write, you jump, you yell, you share personal thoughts and feelings with strangers...

Sounds amazing, right?! 

Well, it was CRAZY! 

Not my typical thing... but I knew what I was getting myself into (pretty much!). 

I knew if I decided to go that I wanted to experience it as fully as I could, so I committed myself to step outside of my comfort zone to get the full effect...

I knew if I was going to do this I really had to DO IT!

Now THAT, my friends was Difficult, w/a capitol D!!

Because as most of you probably know, THAT jumping, dancing, yelling, talking to everyone excitement stuff is not really my style.


The first day of the conference began waiting at the gate at 7am and I didn't get back to my hotel room until 2:22am... So, you can do the math!

No I'm not talking I went out clubbing or anything like that, crap, I didn't even get a proper dinner, the days seminar activities lasted THAT long!

That first night wrapped up with a fire walk.

Yes, you read that right walking on hot coals son! 

It was crazy! 

Drums beating people chanting and yelling. Everyone (including me) was caught in a massive wave of people. All of us were being herded towards these pits of fiery hot coals (we trained how to do it for a couple hours first)...

The chanting, yelling an tribal drumming continued in the dark until it was MY TURN to walk over the red hot coals...

Boom, boom, boom, I thumped my chest, raised my hand high, yelled YES! And over the coals I went. I kept my gaze intense and looked up as instructed as I stepped one foot in front of the other until I was on the other side!

You may be wondering if I made it without getting burned!?

Well, you'll have to read my next email for that story! (...And others!)

If you want to see some pics and videos of my time there, check out my Instagram page:

Keep Going,


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