How to Compress Decades of Experience Into Days

In today's day in age we have access to more information than ever! 

The internet is both a blessing and curse! 

We are overloaded with information. There's too much of it to process! Especially if you don't know how to curate it. 

You can watch a video, read a book, take a home study course and aside from it's entertainment value, you've really haven't progressed at all. 

Think of how many self help, diet and fitness books, videos and other information is out there, Combined together it's about a $400 billion dollar industry...

Yet many people are still overweight, out of shape and miserable... 

But still buying all that stuff!

The Missing Ingredients...

The problem is that all that information is DIY... Do It Yourself!

You get the info, but information alone isn't going to work. Heck, most of the time, if you're not already some type of exert, you won't even know if the information is good or not! 

Even if it is good, mixing some things from here and some things from there, may seem like a good idea, but there's a reason why when you bake a cake, you follow a recipe, you don't just put random ingredients together haphazardly. 

Porsche and Ferrari's are both really sweet cars, but if you can't mix and match parts, if you do it won't run!

So, when it comes to learning anything that your not good at (yet), the TWO missing ingredients I'm referring to are:

1) Work
2) Mentorship

Even the with the BEST information, if you don't put the work in, you'll get nowhere! 

That's just another form of entertainment. One that has deceived many people into thinking they are making progress. They bounce around from shiny object to shiny object, never really learning anything. 

Whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, learn or implement into your life, you're going to have to actually do some work!  

That work is going to take some time. 

The Second Thing 

Even if you have good information and are putting in the work, you'll get there SO MUCH FASTER if you have good mentorship... You know, a coach, teacher, instructor, someone who's been there, done that. Someone who you can learn from and model to get where you're going faster.


Because they can help you understand and apply the information. Help you avoid the pitfalls and set backs they ran into.  Give you encouragement and motivation to help to keep you accountable and on track. 

It doesn't matter what you want to learn or accomplish, having a coach and community to help support you is the FASTEST way to accomplish what you set out for. 

Too many people fail to do this!

So many are seduced into the vast information / entertainment pit. They just keep wasting their time, money and attention on doing...


Most are no further ahead then before...

Oh, yeah they'll tell you all about it. They'll drop those buzz words like Keto, Intermittent Fasting, K guard... 

You name it... 

But, it's just smoke! 

They have no real abilities.

They aren't in shape.

They haven't lost that weight.

They fallen prey to the info/entertainment TRAP!

The Achievers...

The people who are getting the most results the fastest have coaches! 

~ Business coaches.
~ Fitness coaches.
~ Boxing coaches.
~ Martial arts coaches.
~ Shooting coaches.
~ Sports coaches.
~ Life coaches.
~ Therapists (who BTW are coaches!)

They go by many names: 

Coaches, teachers, instructors, mentors, etc.

But in essence they are all doing the same thing...

Helping you learn faster! 

Helping you implement. 

Helping you to Transform!

The Simple Formula

1) Good Information / Method
2) Good Coach
3) Hard Work (oh that nasty four letter word!=)

So if you have the right INFORMATION / METHOD, a good COACH and put in the WORK, you can literally compress Decades into Days! 

Just like my recent Tony Robbins Experience...

Tony has over four decades of knowledge and experience that he compressed into four days of training. 

I've gone over my workbook at least a dozen times. Not only have I been reviewing the material, but I have been implementing the exercises and concepts in my life. 

I have listened to audio programs of the workshop to further review the material as well. 

I have been in contact with his personal coaches to help me further. 

Decades into Days!

Making greater headway than I would trying to figure things out myself. 

Just like people who come to me to learn how to protect themselves, deal better with conflict and lead their lives more confidently. 

The ones who enjoy the biggest, fastest results are the people who follow the simple formula I just shared with you here!

The people who don't follow this formula struggle and often don't get the results they were after.

It's as simple as that! 

If you are interested in starting your Protector Journey, here's where to start... My free home study course:

Keep going,


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