Make Your Move!

"Stand up, you don't have to be afraid

Get down, love is like a hurricane
Street boy, no I never could be tamed
Better believe it..."

Loud, I wanna hear it loud
Right between the eyes
Loud, I wanna hear it loud
Don't want no compromise"

Yep, listening to some early 80's Kiss, "I love it loud." to get me 'in state' so to speak! 

That song was on their Creatures of the Night album. I remember when it first came out. I can still see it in the wooden record bin near the checkout at the 'little' Meijer grocery store near where I grew up. 

Here's the Real Irony!

They shut that Meijer down in the early 80's. Later they renovated the space into smaller units and that I've been running our local Krav Academy out of for almost 20 years now! 

Keeping it close to home yo!

Makes it easier to visit my folks and hang out in my old stomping ground!

It's good to shoot for the stars but remember where you came from! 

Never forget your roots!

Growing Strong & Tall! 

One thing that is important to grow strong and tall is that you have to have deep roots. 

Another thing is that you have to have a plan!, because success doesn't happen on its own. 


We may think it does, but that's usually just us being lazy or fearful.

Those "oVer niGht" successes are typically a decade or two in the making, before they "cAtch" their big break.

It's like this;

There's nothing wrong with playing the lottery, but it's no substitute for a solid retirement plan!

Like me right now...

I'm here reviewing my plans for 2023. 

Yes, I plan for how to achieve my goals in the next year, three years, five, ten...

You should be planning too! 

It's really no different than learning self defense...

Essentially when you learn to protect yourself, you are learning how to put together a plan of action... and Your Plan 'B' for when things go South on you! (As you know they often do! Go South that is!)

First how to be a tough target then how to survive a situation should you not be able to avoid it. 

If you want to keep training you can learn how to defend yourself and others better...

If you keep going you may begin how to be a better protector, meaning you a bit more proactive and you have more skills to deal with situations at multiple levels. 

Like having the skills for a force continuum. 

If you keep going you may choose to keep developing your skills and identity into being a PeaceWalker. 


Yeah, they are different! 

Of course there is overlap between the Survivor >Defender  > Protector & PeaceWalker...

But make no mistake there are significant differences between them as well. 

The end state of being a PeaceWalker is someone who has the clarity, confidence and skills to cultivate Peace inside of themselves and be a force for good when it comes to inspiring Peace around them! 

Having the skills to kick some major boootyyyyy like a soldier is good and all, but don't stop there! The physical skills is only one small portion of your conflict management arsenal! 

Remember the confidence that you develop being able to physically 'throw down'  is indispensable, but you need more skills than that... way more!  

Did You Say Different Levels?!

Yes, of course there are different levels of training.

They're all inter-related, but separate.

Think of how it all comes together. Conflict that is. It's never JUST physical!  

If you don't have the right mindset, awareness, influence or agility to act, you're sunk even before the first punch is thrown!

Not to mention, most of the time physical violence isn't the kind of conflict you're typically dealing with.

And even when you do, it almost NEVER starts out physical! 

The bottom line is this...

What's YOUR PLAN for dealing with conflict and violence? 

What's YOUR FRAMEWORK for living a safer, happier, more successful Life?!

It all boils down to how you deal with conflict inside of you and around you!

If you don't have a plan on how to deal with BOTH, you're already at a disadvantage...

And there's a lot at stake! 

Want Help!?

Get my free home study course here: 

Ok, that's it!

Keep Going,


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