What's Your Operating System!?


In today's world of Flakebook, the google machine and youtube university, we have more information available to us than ever before. 

You can literally see millions upon millions of techniques in anything you can imagine (and several things you can't). 

So, with all of this information available you'd think that people would be better off in every category that vexes us.  

You'd believe that we have better relationships, live healthier, happier, safer lives. Yet the masses seem to be just as dumb, lazy, incompetent and miserable as ever! 


We have an overload of information, we're light on knowledge and starving for wisdom and real connection.

We seem to be getting more anxious, lonely, irritably complacent, lazy, and despondent.


Because, even with all of this information floating around out there, most folks use their same ineffective Operating System.

Even when we're given the answers to all of the questions we have, we fail to see the deeper connection, the deeper formula of things. 

Most people haven't downloaded an effective Operating System. 

Operating System?!

Yes, the system that you use to run your Life. The software that runs your hardware so to speak.

Everyone is so intrigued with techniques, accessories... You know, the shiny stuff!

It's the formula behind the answers that really matters. It's the perspective of how you figured things out. How you go about lookin at the problem in the first place. 

What Operating System are you running on?

What's your Why? How do you process things? How do you see yourself, your relationships, your career, the world in which you Live?

What is your Operating System that everything runs off from?

With the right Operating System you're entire experience changes. Your confidence increases. Your effectiveness sky rockets. Your LIFE Changes!

You begin to see the interconnectedness of not just self defense and conflict, but of all aspects of your Life. 

Speaking of Self Defense...

Let's say you want to learn how to protect yourself, so you watch some self defense videos on youtube. Great! Which ones are you going to watch!? The most popular? The most viewed? The flashiest? The most violent or cool looking? The ones that seem effective to you?

Let's say you even find a friend and practice them for a bit.  Maybe you get good at them. Meaning you can mimic what you're seeing on the video. 

Maybe you do this to several techniques, so now you have a random collection of (possibly) disjointed techniques that you believe are suitable. 

Even with all that work you are still going to lack the Operating System behind those techniques. 

You lack the formula that will give you the answers that you haven't even run up against yet. 

You haven't hardwired the Operating System that will give you a framework to being able to figure out how to navigate issues on the fly. A blueprint that allows you to improvise in an effective way when it comes to dealing with conflict and violence inside and around you.

First you have to LEARN a Framework. Then you have to LIVE that framework. Once you do that, then dig deeper to LEVERAGE that Operating System to help you in every area of your Life. Finally take that Operating System and LEAD others to this PeaceWalker Path too. Living it first then keep clarifying the skills and frameworks that are necessary to Live this PeaceWalker Lifestyle! 

This Came Up...

This weekend several people were wondering what the difference was between this PeaceWalker LIVE camp and the Evolution Retreat (that we had earlier this year).

It goes something like this:

The Evolution Program is a certification course / retreat. You go to that to get the PeaceWalker Operating System Hardwired into you! It's a step by step course giving you the complete basic system to self defense, leadership and personal development.


PeaceWalker LIVE Conference is about connecting with the community and learning from one another (in a weekend camp) Although, I introduce the basic PeaceWalker framework it's not a course. It's not meant to be. This event is about community and sharing, it's about learning how the community members Live and Leverage these PeaceWalker Skills in their world.  

It Makes a Difference...

What Operating System are you using to protect yourself and the people you care about. 

The Operating System you use to handle conflict in your relationships, your career, your Life makes all the difference.

Is it working?

Could things be better for you?!

What problems do you face?!

How's your health and fitness? Your mindset? Your relationships? Your job?

Do the same problems seem to keep happening?

Maybe you are afraid of things that haven't occured yet, but could.

Are you still searching for a simple yet effective way to protect yourself and those you love? 

Do you yearn for a way to lead your life's purpose with greater conviction? To live with more clarity, confidence, agency and power? 

If you do, then you may consider joining us in the next Evolution Training Retreat. It's your speed pass to Personal Protection, Leadership and Development. 

Your Life can change almost overnight when you download the right Operating System!

Join me in the next step with my free home study course Six Day Defense: https://sixdaydefense.com/

Keep Going,


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