Yes, But... Does Your Training Do THIS?!


You've heard my rants about the limitations of techniques and that self defense training should be more than just punching, kicking, choking and shooting right?!

Well, here's a question for you...

Does Your Training Do THIS?!

When it comes to your self defense training, ask yourself if you can you apply the principles you're learning to these areas of your Life:

Your Body
Your Mindset
Your Relationships
Your Income

At first glance you may think that at least two of these things are not really related to self defense training at all... 

But look closer and you'll find that they are ALL inter-related. 

How you live your Life IS how you defend yourself! 

If your training is turning into everyone you see into the 'enemy' or someone you have to beat, you may want to reconsider what your training is focusing on. 

Being tough on the mats, yet a delta bravo isn't going to win you any friends or allies. What's it's going to do is create more conflict and violence in your life. 

Training to be bulletproof at the expense of destroying your body isn't going to help you accomplish what you set out to do either. 

Having the resources to pay your bills, put food in your (and your kids) belly and keep a roof over your head as also essential self defense skills. 

Connecting the Dots...

There are countless books on swordsmanship, but only one Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi. 

This book is so widely known not because it's about swords, rather it is still popular because it is about strategies that can be applied to life, business, relationships and defense (it can actually be applied to a bunch more, but you get the drift).

How you apply these PeaceWalker principles to your Body, Mind, Relationships and how you earn a living has everything to do with your ability to protect yourself, your loved ones and everyone else around you. 


Examine the way you train more deeply and see if the principles you are training are not only teaching you the obvious, but see if they point to something even more profound. 

If they do, than you are on the right track. If they don't, then consider another teacher and/or approach. 


The Operating System you use to handle conflict in your relationships, your career, your Life does make all of the difference.

Is yours working?!

Could things be better?!

What problems do you face?!

How's your health and fitness? Your mindset? Your relationships? Your job?

Do the same problems seem to keep coming up over and over again?

Maybe you'd like less stress, more certainty in your Life?

Possibly you are still searching for a simple yet effective way to protect yourself and those you love? 

But you want to learn more than just 'survival' skills. You want to learn how to thrive!?

Do you yearn for a way to lead your life's purpose with greater conviction? To live with more clarity, confidence, agency and power? 

If you do, then you may consider joining us in the next Evolution Training Retreat. It's your speed pass to Personal Protection, Leadership & Development. 

Your Life can change almost overnight when you download the right Operating System!

The next step is to join me in my free home study course here:

Keep going,


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