Krav Maga Doesn't Win Wars

I'm getting caught up in the news... Mainly the Israel / Gaza situation.

I'm no authority about what is happening there. However, I may have a little insight because of my travels there and the friends and collogues that I stay in contact with who live there. 

The situation continues and I believe it will for some time. Lives in jeopardy on all sides... Innocent and otherwise. 

Another war...

This situation brings my mind to the Ukrainian / Russian conflict that is still raging...

It's obvious that peace would be better, but just like our own lives conflict happens in many forms. 

Krav Maga Doesn't Win Wars...

I remember one time when I was in Israel training one of the Krav instructors was asked about the difference between civilian and military Krav Maga. 

The instructor couldn't hold back a smirk as he said, 

"There's no difference really, same principles just different application... Krav Maga doesn't win wars."

It's true...

Krav Maga doesn't win all conflicts in your own life either. It's one tool in your utility belt. One facet of your Operating System. An important one, but by far not the only one. 

The Tragic Thing Is This...

Most people who train in Krav Maga (or any martial art) don't work on the the other skills necessary to really protect themselves (and others).

Most don't have an effective Operating System or the other skills to be as effective as they could be.

Yes, we all have a natural proclivity to be a protect, however the problem is two fold:

#1 - We were born protectors, however we don't always protect the right things.

#2 - Most don't develop the well rounded skillset needed to effectively manage conflict inside of us and, of course with others.

The Real Goal is This...

If you can prevent conflict from occurring in the first place that's typically preferable...

You must have the ability to do most good / least harm. This means you will have to have the proper Operating System and Skills necessary to meet the person (or group) where they are at. 

Once you do that, then you have a chance at taking things where they need to go in order to effectively deal with the wide spectrum of human conflict. 

Simply learning to punch, kick and shoot won't be enough... 

You'll need more, much more!

And you'll have to train in ways you weren't even considering. Sometimes in some very counter intuitive ways.

Making the Simple Easy!?

If you are interested in this simple yet effective way to having this type of peace of mind. If you want the confidence that you can protect yourself (and those you love) from the threats that life throws at you. Well then, here's an opportunity for you.

An approach that allows you to lead your life's purpose with greater conviction... More clarity, confidence, agency and power.

Join me in my free home study course to learn how to better protect yourself and your loved ones from common threats we see today: 

Keep going,


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