Could You Ever Forgive That!?

 It's only a couple days before Thanksgiving, (my favorite family holiday BTW). 

I hope you are preparing to spend some time w/your family and friends to celebrate everything you are grateful for. 

I have a full weekend of family gatherings ahead of me...

I feel overwhelmed with gratitude that I have so much to be thankful for. Every year I appreciate my friends and family a little more. 

I know it sounds a little corny, but I find my heart overflowing with gratitude from the love and beauty that I have been blessed with in my life. 

...And that gratitude extends to YOU as well. 

I want to let you know how grateful I am for YOU being part of this community and my life. 

Thank you!

I appreciate sharing a part of this journey together with you. No matter how large or small, it makes a difference. 

I wish you and yours the best of things and hope that you are celebrating what you are grateful for. 

A PeaceWalker Challenge...
Gratefulness and forgiveness go hand in hand. 

Here's a PeaceWalker Challenge for you this week:

Think about someone who hurt or wronged you in some way. 

Go on, do it right now! 

Think of that person who you trusted, and they let you down. Think of that special someone who broke your heart... Or that co-worker who threw you under the bus at last years meeting (I know you haven't forgot!). Maybe a family member, friend, husband, wife, boy or girlfriend. It could be one of your kids or neighbors. Sometimes it's our mom or dad, teacher, cousin.. 

Heck, someone you don't know at all. The dude who cut you off or took your parking space. 

It could be someone who isn't even around any more. They may have even passed away. 

Regardless of who...

Today, I want you to forgive them for what they did to you and let it go. 

Do it! Right now! 

If you hold on and bury that stuff inside of you, it will begin to rot and stink. It will effect your love towards the people who didn't wrong you. 

It effects us in ways we can't see. 

There is no gratefulness without forgiveness. Just like there is no Peace without forgiveness.

Remember holding on to that hurt and anger is an anchor that limits you from experiencing joy and peace in your life. 

It's baggage that you can't afford!  

An Unlikely Relationship...

After hearing this story, you may open up to embrace forgiveness in a whole new way: 

Matt Swatzell, a firefighter/EMT, fell asleep at the wheel when he was driving home from a 24-hour shift at his station in Dacula, Georgia.

He was tired like hell, and it was only a few miles before his home that he realized he fell asleep and crashed into a car, killing Erik Fitzgerald’s wife June and their unborn baby.

At Matt’s sentencing, he pleaded for leniency. Fitzgerald declined to pursue the maximum sentence against Matt. In the end, he got off lightly as the judge ordered him to pay a fine and do community service.

A decade later, the two have remained friends and began meeting for coffee and conversation. The unlikely friendship between them is proof that a little forgiveness can go a long way.

This Is Why...

The whole idea of becoming a better Protector is to live a better life. It to be able to protect those we love. It's to feel more confident and courageous, to love more. To be more open. To take more (healthy) risks. To have more Peace inside of you so you can inspire more Peace around you.

Remember what Dr. Humphrey said in the last couple lines of his Warrior's Creed:

Whenever I come home everyone's GLAD that I'm there! 

It's a better life!

The Purpose of My Mission... 

My purpose and mission of helping people live healthier, happier, safer, more powerful lives can only be fully realized if we work together. 

You and I must lead from the front to inspire others to live lives as Protectors... As PeaceWalkers. 

The more people we inspire to live as Jack Hoban calls Ethical Protectors, the safe we ALL are! 

That's why I teach. That's why I put together my free Six Day Defense program. It'll give you the basic framework to do more than just defend yourself (although you'll develop that too!), it's designed to give you the framework to a whole new way of living your life. A powerful way of dealing with conflict inside of, and around you.

Keep Going,


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