Provider or Protector?!


I'm sitting here by my fireplace, paying my bills, nibbling on my lunch (Amy's organic bean burrito), sipping on a Trilogy kombucha and writing to you (of course).

All from the comfort of home. Which reminds me of a text I got this morning from a community member.

They asked:

"Where does my identity as a "provider" fit in? As a man, father, ex-husband and husband, I've got this need to provide... Is that separate from being a protector or part of it?"

My Answer...

"Being a Provider IS being a Protector. They are one in the same. Providing food, shelter and a healthy home is an essential part of being a protector of yourself and family."

Yes, all of this PeaceWalker Protector stuff is not just about a collection of techniques to physically protect yourself. It's not just an approach to negotiate, de-escalate, influence and lead. It's not just a strategy to manage conflict more effectively... or a quick and simple way of getting in and staying in shape physically, mentally and emotionally...

It needs to be all of that and more! 

Gotta Cover All Your Bases!

Body - Getting and staying healthy and fit.

Mindset - Have a healthy perspective that helps you to succeed.

Relationships - w/Yourself, your family, friends, co-workers, students, etc. AND your relationship with God, Creator, Universe, Bigger Picture, Nature... call IT what you will. 

Income - How you financially support yourself and family.

You have to be working on all of those things because being a good Provider is simply another facet of being a Protector. 

If you and your family aren't provided for they are vulnerable. So, in order to be a Protector. you must be able to be a good provider. 

Now, don't get me wrong, it doesn't mean that you have to be independently wealthy, live in a mansion, and give your kids every material possession their little hearts desire. You can live a humble and simple life working a normal everyday job. 

Once again, it boils down to your perspective and choices. I know a lot of people who don't live high on the hog so to speak, they live simple quite lives, not making a ton of money, but they save, spend and invest what resources they do have wisely... And like so much of this path, they are consistent and steady. 

I Know It Can Be Difficult...

Getting your mind around how all of this fits together is tough for a lot of people:

~ Physical self defense
~Communication & leadership skills
~ Healthy, sustainable workout and nutrition routine
~ Earning living in a way that is fulfilling & pays the bills

These things sound very unrelated, but I'm here to tell you they're NOT! 

And those who don't see their connection are missing out on a safer, healthier, happier more successful Life.

Learn the Operating System that will give you the clarity, confidence and courage to deal with the conflicts inside and around you more effectively. 

Here's a good start...

My free home study course:


"Incredible training, lots of tools to work on... My family will benefit from me continuing to train in this program."

~Dr. William Smoot M.D.
Husband, Father, Son, Army Combat Medic Vet, ER Doc & Great Guy!
Recent Certified Level 1 PeaceWalker Mentor

"Biggest lesson: to stay powerful and ready for any situation."
~Jennifer Franson
iCI Nation founder, Krav Maga black belt & Recently Certified Level 1 PeaceWalker Mentor

Keep going,


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