Scare Tactics

I know Halloween is long since over, but...

It's not uncommon for martial arts and personal protection courses of all types to use advertising based on scare tactics. 

Telling stories of crime, violence and conflict is a good way to motivate people to take a course or buy something security oriented, be it classes, guns, security systems, pepper spray, or the like. 

We tend to gravitate toward the negative. You've probably heard the old marketing line, "If it bleeds it leads..." 

That's a sad but true statement.

In the legal field it would be called ambulance chasing. 

I just made an announcement a few weeks ago at the academy half joking about our Active Response Training Seminar. It seems many of the years in the past, when we run these seminars, some event occurs just before the seminar. It kinda makes it look like we are 'ambulance chasers.' When that's not really the case it all. Our events are scheduled out about a year in advance. 

Unfortunately, this year was no exception, with the Israeli / Hamas attacks happening just weeks before the seminar. 

There's always something going on...

Knee Jerk Reaction?!

People are reactionary. They wait until they feel an urgency to train. This might be because something happened to them, or someone they know personally. Possibly, they wait until something hits the news that is disturbing and now they are shaken up enough to do something.  

But once that knee jerk reaction fades, so does the urgency to train. 

Too bad really...

It's like waiting for an accident to happen, before you decide to put on your seatbelt. 

Here's a hint.

If you wait, it may be too late! 

It's hard to put your seatbelt on during an accident!

It's hard to get the training you need to prevent or deal with a situation during or after the event occurs. 

I know this is not rocket science, but...

It's best to get the training BEFORE you need to use it!

It Doesn't Have to Be Bad!

There are so many positive reasons to get good training, ones that lay outside of simply protecting yourself and others from an assault.

Yes, of course personal protection is a major reason for training... 

However, there is much more depth to that question than meets the eye. I think one of the best answers to that question came from a friend of mine, James Morganelli. He said,

"Training offers me the best path I know of to become the kind of person I want to be."

"Through enduring training, we can learn to recognize humanity's guiding motivations and values and in turn gain the clarity to properly respect, protect, and defend ourselves and others. One of these ways is in the tempering of one's ego."

Yes, Of Course...

You want to be able to protect yourself from external threats, however...

Some of the biggest threats and conflicts come from within ourselves. Your training should help you address these struggles as well. 

Overall, your training should help you create a better overall Life.

~Health & Fitness
~Relationships & Community
~Communication Skills
~Self Agency
~Strategies for Success that can be translated into all things

True training in being a martial artist, a Protector, a PeaceWalker, should profoundly touch every aspect of your Life in a positive way.

Like we say at the academy...

Train your...

Body like a soldier.
Mind like a general.
Mouth like a diplomat.
Heart like a protector.

The Bottom Line...

Here's the deal. I'm not much of an ambulance chaser. I don't like using scare tactics, even though they typically work. 

I will say this though...

When's the best time to start training?

Ten years ago.

When's the second best time to begin your training?

Today! Now!

Remember to put your seatbelt on before you need it! 

Training for Life

If you are interested in a simple, effective way to help you live a better Life by become a better Protector... A PeaceWalker.

If you want to develop the confidence and leadership skills to protect yourself and those you love from not just physical threats, but the spectrum of conflicts that life often throws at you. 

Discover an approach that allows you to lead your life's purpose with greater conviction... More clarity, confidence, agency and power.

The PeaceWalker Evolution Training Retreat is your speed pass to Greater Personal Protection, Conflict Management and Leadership skills.

Your Life can change almost overnight when you have the right Operating System!

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