Why So Serious?!


Apparently, as a result of wrangling this years ample Christmas tree around, I threw out my back. :-(

It didn't happen in the moment, it was a delayed effect.  


I go to get out of bed yesterday morning and I could barely stand up straight or walk. I'll save you the details about getting my shoes on or going to the bathroom! 

In times of pain or trouble I often find myself making jokes or laughing... And yesterday was no exception, even though it literally hurt to even chuckle.  

Why So Serious?!

Difficulty befalls us all. Our lives may be going along perfectly, and then out of the blue ... WHAM! ... life decides to test us. You are in the fast lane of life, cruising along at a pretty good clip, and lo and behold, a roadblock appears directly in your path.

It wasn't there, and now it is. You have no time to react. Your previously wonderful life is suddenly not so wonderful. You might lose a loved one with no warning. The company you work for goes bankrupt, and overnight you are out of work, wondering what you will do. Or... Maybe your back goes out and you have to teach later that day... 

The knee-jerk reaction is to get mad or begin panicking. That's especially the case if you have people who depend on you. This is a time you have to be strong for them and for yourself. The last thing you might be thinking is to embrace humor, but that could be a smart move for many reasons.

Laughter Can Help You Manage Conflict

Sometime long ago, someone said that laughter is the best medicine. It might not be the best, but it's the easiest to access. You give yourself permission to laugh, joke around and be playful. Having a solid sense of humor allows you to laugh in good times and bad.

The endorphins that are released when you laugh lower stress and anxiety. Embracing that laughter when life gets difficult also allows the people around you to destress. Laughter is contagious. Your sense of humor helps other people calm down and relax. You feel better about the situation when you see those you care about smiling and laughing.

A Sense of Humor Says, "I've Got This"

A little fun in the face of distress tells the world you're on top of things. You are fine. You realize this is difficult, but you can't help yourself or anyone else if you start freaking out. You choose calm and confident jokes and playfulness over stress and anxiety.

This is an affirmation of strength. 

There are many times when conflict tests a group of people. They are often looking to someone for leadership. When you make a lighthearted joke about the situation and share a smile, and a laugh, that sense of humor makes everyone feel better about their trouble.

Your Sense of Humor Can Defuse a Ticking Timebomb

Trouble causes tension. When a situation becomes tense, the people who don't keep their Baseline (you know stay calm, cool and collected) are ticking timebombs that can make things worse than they already are.

Your sense of humor is like an efficient bomb squad. It defuses the tension bomb and can put things in their proper perspective.

Rely on your sense of humor when things get tough. Making fun of the situation can help you relax. Everyone feels a little better about what's happening when others are laughing. Choose humor and laughter over imagining the worst-case scenario, and you'll find life's difficulties easier to deal with.

Be Careful Though...

You have to keep the humor in check. Cracking jokes in the middle of a funeral, or making jokes at other people expense in a time of crisis is just tacky, so make sure not to cross the line when using humor as a tension breaker. 

It's a razors edge, so don't be THAT person. 

You know what I'm saying...

So, What Happened?!

If you're wondering how / if I made it trough teaching my classes last night?

I did...

It was a bit rough, but I was able to not only get through those classes, but I even felt better after doing so. 


Another story for another day. (Training Over Forty material there!)

The short story is this:

~Gentle stretches and movement throughout the day.

~Heating pad and some heavy duty anti-inflammatories. 

~Taking it real easy teaching. (Moving slow, doing the things I could and staying clear of the things I couldn't.)

Speaking of Humor...

Dealing with the stress and conflict that the holiday's sometimes bring can be challenging, so keep your wits about you and keep that good 'ol Christmas Spirit! 

While you're doing that, check out my free home study course:

Keep Going,


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