Be the King

Few years back, I went on a Rad Bradbury binge. 

Who's that?! 

You know the famous author of Fahrenheit 451The October CountryThe Martian Chronicles, Something Wicked this Way Comes, The Halloween Tree and countless others.   

And during that binge, I listened to a bunch of his interviews that I found on YouTube. In one of the videos, he talked a lot about his friendship with & respect for Walt Disney, and some stories about their conversations.

There was one conversation that especially stood out.

He was talking about how the city was courting Walt to run for mayor.

When Ray asked Walt why he didn’t want to be mayor, Walt said:

“Ray, why should I run for Mayor when I'm already King?”

The man had a point.

Why be a mere politician constantly having to smooch the gluteus assimus’s of the proletariat for votes & virtue signals… when you can simply reign over them, impose your will upon them, and bring peace & prosperity without the prattling-on of the peanut gallery’s multiple Narratives & agendas?

At Disneyland, Walt was truly King.

What he said went.

So what, pray tell, does this have to do with your training and being a PeaceWalker?!


That is if you want to learn how to be Overlord & Emperor over your own kingdom, your own safety, power and influence... be it on a large or small scale. 

Wouldn't it be nice to give the order, wave your hand, and have it be so?!

Well Skippy, you and I both know it doesn't always work that way.

Not everyone is Walt Disney!


The ONE THING you do have full control over is YOU. 

Your mind, your beliefs, your attitude, your focus and your choices, are all totally up to you!

No one can make you believe in or focus on something. You can even have all of your choices taken away, save one... Your ability to choose how to respond to something.

Are you acting as King of your own Magic Kingdom!?

Well, when it comes to being able to protect yourself (and those you care about), your ability to have full agency over yourself will give you more influence over the people you are dealing with, which in turn gives you more control over the entire situation.  

And when you can't control their actions, you have to realize that you can control YOURS! 

Believe it or not managing conflict and violence is more about having control over what YOU do vs. trying to control what THEY do. 

Once you know the framework on how to make this happen everything gets a whole lot easier for you when it comes to personal protection, conflict management, and leadership. 

That means (you're more likely to)...

~Look like a tougher target to the baddies out there.
~Have an easier time parenting your kids
~Have less stress teaching at your school
~Have a simpler time managing people at your Job
~Close more sales, if that what's you do. 
~Get less complaints, more profits at your business
~Be safer out on the road or when you're pulling people over (officers out there)
~More... Oh, so much more!

The point is you have to have control over your most valuable asset...


And that begins, but doesn't end with your mindset.


How do you accomplish this?

A good start is getting on my free home study course - Six Day Defense:

Keep Going,


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