Learn to (Ice) Fish?!


Typically, people come to the academy, take a course or hire me to train their group to solve a problem. 

They want a solution to a situation that has happened, or one that they're afraid of happening. 

They want answers! 

They want an effective 'technique' to remedy what's ailing them. They're hoping the course or training gives them the medicine. 

And it might, however...

Remember the old saying:

"Give the man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime."

Well, the same holds true when I am teaching people how to protect themselves, manage conflict and become better leaders. 

I can show them a technique a.k.a. the solution to the situation a.k.a. "Give them the Fish, so to speak.

At one level that's ok... It's a good start, at least they may eat for the day.

However, to really be effective, simply learning techniques isn't enough (especially when it comes to handling conflict and violence). You'll want to learn the formula behind what makes that technique effective. How does it work well for THIS situation, but not THAT one?

Once you learn the 'secret' formula, you then can begin applying those principles to other situations and viola!, you miraculously begin to come up with your own answers!


Because when you can see how the things work underneath (mere) techniques, you can start to figure things out. You see the problem and gain an ability to adapt the principles to handle changes on the fly. 

You start to learn how to improvise effectively. 

Improvisation is an important quality to have when it comes to dealing with conflict and the wide spectrum of violence in this world....

But you have to have a structure an operating system to pull from.

(Again) Why?!

Because when it comes to managing conflict and violence, the more healthy habits you have the more likely you are not to find yourself in the middle of some shenanigans'. 

As you know  conflict comes in all shapes and sizes, all functions and forms. 

Because we're people and things get sticky, messy and all tangled up.

Take this holiday season that we are entering...

Let's face it, there's a reason why you only see most of them one time a year! 

These social interactions bring on a certain flavor of conflict to them. And understanding how to navigate  those interactions, not only makes your Life safer, it also makes it better. Easier. Less stress. More peace & fulfillment.

So, when it comes to self defense, conflict management and leadership, it's most effective if you LIVE IT!

So Just to Get Things Straight...

We start by learning how to Solve the (specific) Problem...

Then Learn the Formula...

Then build habits the Live the Lifestyle of being a PeaceWalker.

Don't Believe Me?!

Here are some more feedback I received just this morning from the Michigan Court Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Process Server Association Conference I taught at a couple weeks ago:

“Assault prevention with Craig was fun, informative, inclusive and interactive. Very useful information.”

“Thought provoking approach to de-escalation..." 

“Please bring Craig back. (We) Would enjoy more training!”

“Craig Gray was GREAT! Thank you for having him.”

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