Pushing Buttons , Turning Screws

A while back, Tim, one of the instructors at our local Krav academy signed up for this week's Knife & Stick defense seminar, and he noticed that I had the wrong date on the paypal link. 

He still registered for it (thx!) and then emailed me to let me know of the discrepancy (thx again!). 

I got into my paypal account and couldn't find the right button to push to fix it... I'm still looking for it! I know I'm just overlooking a simple step. By the time I do find it'll be too late for this one, but the next one will read right! 

Oh, man, I'd fire me if I could! It's hard to find good help now-a-days!

Here's the Real Lesson...

The real lesson of that Paypal conundrum isn't obvious to everyone. 

It's a great analogy when dealing with conflict...

Like the Paypal situation, the solution is really very simple, but not easy!

You just have to know what's the right button to push! 

The problem is that most people don't know what button to push, and what order to push them in! 

Yes, yes, we've all learned how to push those right buttons to p*ss people off! (Especially if you have siblings! Then you' probably spent much of your early life pushing buttons like Liberace plays the piano! =)

We know what it's like to have our buttons pushed too! 

Like most people...

You're used to randomly pushing, pulling and twisting things to get what you want. And the good thing is most of the time it works out for you.

However, the rub is, when the chips are down and things are critical, randomness doesn't often work. 


Yeah, I'm talking conflict here. 

Talking casually is one thing, but knowing how to effectively influence, de-escalate and use communication as a diagnostic tool is something that most people don't have a framework for. 

Or take physical self defense...

Most people can move, but they often don't, rather they freeze during the critical moment of crisis... Or if they do move, they don't move in a way that would give them any advantage.

Why Pray Tell is this So Important?!

Simple, we ALL have to deal with people, and with people comes conflict. 

You can't escape it! 

Emotional conflict. Verbal conflict. Physical conflict. 

Conflict inside of you...

And Conflicts around you.

The safe, successful, fulfilled people are the ones who know how to deal with this conflict better. 

If you'd like to be one of those people who knows what to do when nice doesn't work. One of those people who has an Unshakeable Foundation, and a Fearless Mindset. 

Someone who knows how to Influence others...

And is confident enough to be a person of Absolute Action! 

Now's your chance to discover what you're really made of! 

Become more resilient, more formidable. A force for good!  

Remember, it's not just about pushing buttons...

It knowing what button to push and when! 

The PeaceWalker Home Study Course can get you started on your Protector Journey! Click on this link and get started today!

Keep going,


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