Forcing the Position


Square Peg Round Hole?!

So, we're working on a grappling position in class called "knee on belly." It is what it sounds like. You're partner is on their back and you are on top w/your knee on their abdomen and your other leg either kneeling at their side or maybe your leg is out stretched w/your foot planted on the ground and your knee bent. 

Tim and Kev were working on it and Tim was doing a good job at defending and denying the position. The question became, how do you get the (knee on belly) position when the person has a strong defense?

My answer...

Don't Force the Position! 
(Unless you can of course... but you can't want it too badly!)

If you want that technique to work too badly and attempt to force the position you begin to make yourself vulnerable to reversals, and other attacks. 

So, what do you do?

You either have to find a way to get around or through the persons defense. Maybe you may choose to do something else (another move or technique or combonation) that suits the situation (and defense) more approaperately, rather than exposing yourself to much and making yourself overly vulnerable for a reversal or allowing your partner to escape into a better position or worse yet they find a way to attack you in some manner.

So, when would you use THAT move then?

~ When your partner doesn't move or defend at all (maybe they don't know how, don't have time to defend, or they are stunned in some way).

~ Maybe they move or defend in the wrong way, giving you an opening. (like pushing their legs toward you extending, giving you the chance to get around it)

~ Possibly their defense is weak and in effective and you can blow right through it w/o overly exposing yourself. 

~You out maneuver them in some way. Your partner is moving and you capitalize on their movement. (maybe they are trying to attack, or maneuver in some way [including striking, drawing or going for a weapon] you and that gives you your opportunity.)

~ Deception or distraction (you fake them out or distract them in some way - including pain to get your position)

Connecting the Dots...

When it comes to forcing a position, we sometimes do it in other areas of our Life as well. It often happens when you want something and you come upon some type of resistance. This can be done for many reasons both good and ill. 

Bullies force positions. Pushy salespeople force positions. Your dog or cat may force a position at the most inconvenient time when they want attention. =) Your kid absolutely forces their position when they want something they're not supposed to have, as do you as a parent when trying to rear a 'open range' child!


We begin forcing a position in some area of our Life without even realizing it at first. Good intentions can easily turn to tension and negativity.

So What Can You Do Then?!

I found myself forcing a few positions in my own Life lately at the academy and home. Wanting something too badly and trying to force it into reality isn't good for me or those involved.

You have to know when to let go! 

The most challenging part of this concept is our own internal struggle to hold on to, or try to exert our will upon, the person or situation. We have to get back to baseline in order to see the error in our ways in order to release something we feel is valuable to us in exchange for something that is even more valuable.

That may mean you don't get exactly what you were pushing for. You have to believe in the bigger picture. You have to have the courage and confidence that you'll get something greater by letting go of the smaller thing that you were trying to force. 

There is a flow to it.

You can feel that flow doing the physical techniques, and if you are baseline, you can feel the flow in the Life stuff too!  

It's a balance and often a fine line... How to assert yourself enough without overly so... 

Assertive vs. Aggressive. 

Persistent vs. pushy.

Supportive vs. Strong Arming 

Yes, I'm still a work in progress. And lately, I could be a bit More Aloha about things! Get my Zen on more...

Want More!

Here's a simple approach to learning how to to protect yourself and living a more clear, confident Life: 

It's a free mini course, a formula if you will. Just click on the link, scroll down a little, you'll see the link.  You'll get free access to a Simple 6 Step Solution to being a tough target and protecting yourself more effectively.

Keep going,



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