Transformation vs. Change


Transformation vs. Change

It's often difficult to explain the extent of what this PeaceWalker Path can do to for your Life.

Yes, it's a personal protection course. 

Yes, you'll learn how to communicated during conflict more effectively and know what to do if things go South. 

Of course, it's a leadership course too... One that greatly affects both your personal AND professional Life.

You'll build clarity and confidence in yourself in ways some can't even imagine. 

This path, when done correctly, elicits more than just change, it can Completely Transforms People. 

I just got an exciting text from one of our of our Evolution graduates. She just got a job promotion! 

She said that her PeaceWalker training paved the way for her to get the new position!

She's in the school systems as a para-pro who woks with kids with behavioral challenges. And now with her promotion, she is going to be able to have a greater impact even more kids (and parents)! 

Her words, "I couldn't have done it without my PeaceWalker training." 

How can I dispute that! 

It's been fun sharing in her excitement through this process! 

Last week she asked me to write her a letter regarding what she learned at the retreat. She said that they read the entire thing and asked her questions about it at her interview. 

She was up against two other candidates (they didn't have a chance =)...

I was soooo excited when I heard from her this morning that she got the position!

She worked hard to get the position.  I'm sure that the training she got at the PeaceWalker Evolution Retreat certainly helped her to not only get a better job, and to have the tools to work with those kids more effectively, but also for her to enjoy her career more! 

She transformed! She isn't the same person that walked through our doors back then. She's different. She outgrew her old Life! 

If you want to meet her personally, you can at the 2024 Evolution Training Retreat. She's going through Level 2 so, she'll be there to share in the journey and help you to get to the next level and work toward having your best year yet too!

Now I can't guarantee you that going through this Evolution retreat will get you a better job or make you more money...

However, her story isn't that uncommon. 

It's incredible what happens to your life when you have the right Operating System to handle yourself as protector, a leader, a PeaceWalker.

I'm going to ask her to be a guest on my podcast so you can hear her story yourself, it's quite inspiring where she came from, where she is now and where she's going! Amazing! 

Anyway, I thought I'd share her Victory Story with you! 

A Simple Approach to Enjoying Life?!

Here's a simple approach to learning how to to protect yourself: 

It's a free home study course. Just click on the link, scroll down a little, you'll see the link.  

It'll give you free access to show you a Simple 6 Step Solution to being a tough target.

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