Here's What To Do When Thing Get Wonky


This past Friday, only a few days into the new year, I woke up and felt... 


No, no, I didn't pick up one of the several viruses going around...

I just woke up in a dark, foreboding, negative mindframe.

No silver lining to be seen by these blue eyes...

My first thought was, 'This shouldn't be happening so soon! I should be full of rocket fuel, ready to blast off toward all of my goals for the new year!'

But, this wasn't the case! 

How could I be feeling so negative, just 5 days into the new year?!


Son-of-a .......

Try as I might, I couldn't seem to pull myself up from the cynical, pessimistic gloom, that divided and conquered my productive thoughts like Roman Legionnaires did to the barbarian hordes of old.

But just like those Germanic tribes finally over threw their Roman oppressors, so too shall I overcome this mental state that was threatening to wage war over my positive attitude.  

From Wonky to Wonka

I got up early to get a good start on the day, but upon waking I knew immediately I was on the struggle bus. 

If I didn't do something to change my mindset my day was screwed as far as getting anything productive done. 

Typically I work out in the morning and that staves off the negative juju... 

But Friday was somehow different...

I just wasn't having it!

I needed something...


Something to ward off all the yuck that somehow crawled up in to my head. 

I don't know if the world has gotten more negative, but that's the unfortunate focus of much of our social and other media that is piped into our minds almost 24/7 thanks to these modern conveniences of ours.

So much of it is negative, Negative, NEGITIVE!

You may not even realize how much of an effect this has on our mental / emotional state... It's massive!

It compromises our mental / emotional state... and has a profound affect on every aspect of our lives. 

Including our Baseline.

And as we know when our Baseline gets compromised, so does everything else...

We start becoming part of the problem. And if things persist, we may even become that thing we are training so hard to protect ourselves (and loved ones) from. 

So, I decided to be BOLD and do something 'drastic,' something I rarely do. Something I haven't done since well before the 2020 lockdown. 

I decided to get my Ferriss Bueller on and play 'Hookey' for a bit. Not quite like Ferriss's full day off mind you, however...

I decided to take off the morning and catch an early matinee movie. I had been wanting to see Wonka and hadn't had the chance so, I took a gamble and went.

But first, I played a little mind game w/myself...

"Before you go, you have to record a new podcast episode AND today's [Almost] daily email... AND afterward you have to buckle down and try to be productive the rest of the day!" I told myself.


I completed both tasks in a nick of time and headed out the door to see the flick.

Another World...

I have to say, this movie really hit the spot. Just what the doctor ordered! 

No spoilers here... in case you want to see it yourself (which I highly recommend).

It was light, imaginative, and most of all full of optimism and hope! Giving you the feeling that the world is filled with wonder and opportunity... Like you can accomplish anything with a good attitude, idea and some hard work. 

It made me think of that ole American Spirit we grew up with... You know a hat filled with ingenuity and the day filled with optimism & opportunity!

Joy in the midst of challenges. 

Light hearted, positive, like the day was yours for the taking!

It might just be me, but it seems like we're missing a lot of that now-a-days.

Things feel a lot more heavy, overwhelming, oppressive, on edge now.

Unfortunately all of our modern living has made us a more anxious, entitled, upset, depressed, disconnected, unhappy lot. 

Unfortunate really!

This negativity is super destructive to our lives to society!

And YES, it DOES affect your ability to protect yourself and those you care about!

Once this negative perspective takes a hold of you, it can be difficult to shake! 

If left unchallenged, this mindset can creep into your identity like tree roots destroy plumbing. 

However, there's hope!

You have (almost) complete control over it! 

(Your mind and you technology usage)

Simple not easy though!


The movie was...


I found it amazing! 

I took that joyful feeling with me from the theater and brought it right out in my own world the rest of the day! 

Not only did I get TONS done after the movie. 

It felt effortless. 

The ideas were filling my head so fast, it was hard to write all of them down before they escaped. 

I can't be sure, but I bet I prevented some major blowouts with people simply because I was in a better mood.

I was more patient, hopeful and full of joy, which is contagious, just like negativity is.

That's the choice.

That's YOUR choice!

Just like your training...

Are you training to fight or to Live?

No, they aren't mutually exclusive of one another. 

It's in the feeling.

Do you...

Feel It?!

I can still feel Wonka's positive mojo today!

I'm stoking those flames to keep my optimistic fires burning for a long time to come!

It's essential for you to stay positive, joyful even in order to be Protector. Mandatory if you want to be a PeaceWalker!

Remember, we are all protecting something. We just have to make sure it's the right things!

You, my friend have to find ways of protecting your mental state too. 

If you don't, there's literal hell to pay.

So, go see a movie. Read a book. Limit your social media and news usage. Work out or take a walk in nature... Do whatever you need to do to recalibrate.

What Are You Protecting?!

Life is too short to be miserable. 

Miserable people or people acting miserably are mainly the ones creating all of the conflict and violence. 

Don't be one of them.

Don't lose your Joy and Wonder. 

Don't lose Hope...

In yourself.

In your loved ones.

In others.

In the world.

If you do, you've really lost!

Even if you win the fight, you'll have lost the war.

That's why we train.

Learn to Live more Joyfully without reason. Just because it's a better state to Live in. 

Yes, yes, there always has been plenty of things to be concerned with in the world. That's not changed. Our exposure to it has. 


It behooves you to stay Joyful in your training, Life and career... And yes, in your ability to take care of business defensively and otherwise. 

I know this sounds very counter intuitive, but...

Sometimes you have to lose your mind to save your Life! 

A Sure Path to Having It All?! 


Depends on what you believe 'Having it All' means. 

If you want greater command over your mindset, your body, your training and your Life...

Well here's a...

A Simple Approach to a Better Life?!

Here's a simple approach to learning how to to protect yourself: 

It's a free home study course. Just click on the link, scroll down a little, you'll see the link.  

It'll give you free access to show you a Simple 6 Step Solution to being a tough target.

Keep going,


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