They Got More than They Bargained For!


I’m sitting here in front of the fireplace listening to Thievery Corporation and thinking… What a great weekend of training it was!

The usual Tom Foolery on Saturday. Yesterday we had a good turnout for our Back to Basics Seminar at the local academy.

Lot’s of new folks there experiencing this PeaceWalker Perspective for the first time.

I must say, I thought everyone did a great job!

I love sharing this path with new folks… Their questions… Their ‘Aha’ moments… The way they move… What they focus in on… and what they don’t…

Training Your Subconscious?!

Many people may think…

“What good is one seminar going to do for me? I can’t learn anything in one class can I?!”

Remember that story I told you last week about one of our members sharing some of these techniques with young ladies from Africa, who ended up using what she learned to protect her child and herself from an attempted kidnapping and physical attack.

So, the answer is YES, you CAN Learn some pretty powerful, Life changing, Life Saving lessons from only training once.

Are you going to be the next Bruce Lee?!

NO, this isn’t about being a martial artist.

Will one lesson make you the next UFC Champion?

NOPE, probably not that either.

Don’t get learning how to be a better protector confused with being a martial artist or sport champion!

Of course there’s an overlap, but make no mistake, they aren’t the same thing!

Just like that young lady mentioned in last weeks email. She wasn’t a martial artist, combat sport champion or spec ops soldier… Yet, with one simple lesson, she gained the confidence she needed to get her kid back and fight to protect herself.

She connected with the power of her Protector Identity.

Connecting to Your True Nature

You and I are already protectors. We were born that way… We all are! We simply have to re-connect with that deeply set identity that is inside of us all.

Once we reconnect with our true nature, then it’s about clarifying it and gaining better skills. The path to consciously developing the tools to better handle conflict is essential for not only your survival, but for your ability to thrive in Life.

Aside from our health, our mindset and relationship are our most powerful assets.

Your potential to know how to process and deal with conflict inside of and around you is critical for being safe, and creating successful and fulfilled Life.

Here’s the Real Problem…

One of the major problems that we have today is that due to our technology many people don’t handle interpersonal discomfort well, let alone any type of conflict.

So, without more developed ethics and skills people react rather than properly responding to tense situations.

It’s often Gung ho or gun shy.

You see it every day at your job, in the streets and in our homes.

It’s all good if everyone’s getting along, but as soon as there is some type of disagreement (of any kind)… BOOM! Sh*t can get spicy fast!

Situations going from bad to worse because people lack the skills to handle awkward situations and disagreements.

All too often these situations get out of hand resulting in anything from hurt feelings, to arguments, assaults and worse.

Many people lose jobs over situations that were avoidable. People getting into arguments or out right physical altercations over stupid things like a parking spot, an opinion or a post you put up.

And we haven’t even brought up more serious crimes (that are on the rise lately as well).

What’s the Answer?!

There’s not ONE answer per say…


Knowing that you can’t always control the things around you, however you always have control on how you choose to respond to it is a good first step into your POWER.

Like we talked about at yesterday’s seminar:

Your mindset is critical when it comes protecting yourself. As is how you present yourself to the world.

The predators are looking for the weak ones, the distracted ones, the people they believe they can take advantage of. The ones they think they can hurt, steal from, exploit, abuse.

And lets be honest here, most of the time your aren’t even necessarily dealing with a predator…

So much of your day is eaten up having to navigate those who are unclear, entitled, passive aggressive or just outright aggressive.

For every one predator there are thousands of delta bravos you have to deal with on a daily basis.

You have to have the ability to meet them where ever they are at. You have to have the skills to handle a wide spectrum of conflict.

And believe it or not, that begins with taking a look at your own habits.

How do you deal with conflict inside of yourself?

How do you process it?

How do you express it?

How do you handle it?

How do you Use It?

Conflict is a great opportunity if you know what to do with it (other than just avoid it, succumb to it or fight against it)

But you have to know how…

You have to have the right Operating System.

You have to experience an Evolution if you want to feel safer and be more successful!

You have to learn how to leverage your deepest identity and skillset…

Being a Protector.

You see, we were all born protectors, but you choose to be a PeaceWalker.

Cultivating peace inside of you, so you can inspire peace around you is really quite simple, but it requires the right formula. You have to be working from the right operating system.

That’s why I often say,

“Becoming a PeaceWalker can Change Your Life, Maybe Even Save It!”

Learning to deal with conflict and violence more effectively boils down to your Operating System.

This Operating System can either make or break you.

It’s this formatting that determines how you present yourself to the world.

Coming across distracted, unconfident or unclear has dire consequences. Especially now-a-days.

Consequences in your safety…

Consequences in your relationships…

Consequences in your job…

And consequences with the people you love and hold close.

So, what do you do?

Here’s a simple, yet powerful trick to begin your path:

Today, act like a PeaceWalker.

Act like a leader who is a protector of Life. Act like someone who know what to give a sh*t about and what not to. Lead from the front with grace. Be playful. Exude confidence and power. Live in a state of joy, because you know you can handle yourself and anything the world throws at you.

If this seems like a lot and you would like some help developing these skills then you may want to start hanging around with more people who are consciously on this path. You may also want to get some training.

You won’t find this type of training everywhere though. As a matter of fact, it’s rather difficult to find.

You’re not going to find it in most martial arts training. You’re harder pressed to find it on the shooting range.

College?! No, probably not there either.

Counseling? Maybe. Therapy is a good thing for working through your baggage, but that is a bit different than what I’m talking about here.

To make matters even worse, you probably don’t have years or decades to dedicate to your training. Most people don’t.

I realized this decades ago…

That’s why years ago I put together a different approach to training…

Something that quickly ramps you up to quickly know how to handle physical, emotional and verbal conflict.

Do you want to feel more confidence that you know you can handle yourself?

More certainty to persevere in the face of situations that life puts between you, your safety and success?

It’s hard to be happy if you Live Life like a victim.

The PeaceWalker Evolution Training Retreat is your speed pass to Greater Personal Protection, Conflict Management and Leadership skills.

Your Life can literally change overnight when you have the right Operating System!

It’s time for you to Evolve!


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